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Call for Volunteers for the National Industry Guidelines for hydrometric monitoring Periodic Review 2023-24

The Water Monitoring Standardisation Technical Committee (WaMSTeC) endorsed National Industry Guidelines for Hydrometric Monitoring in Australia are due for a periodic review.  The objectives of the periodic review are to:  
  1. ensure that the endorsed guidelines
    1. continues to meet all stated requirements,  
    2. remains technically sound, and  
    3. is up to date with technological advancements;
  2.  resolve technical incompleteness and errors;
  3. resolve glossary issues; and
  4. resolve editorial issues and maintain consistency across the guideline content. 

The periodic review will: 
  • be conducted against defined criteria,
  • stimulate industry dialogue in relation to the endorsed guideline, 
  • address issues and concerns identified by industry, 
  • explore requirements for guideline improvements,
  • increase benefits to users, and
  • inform development of other WaMSTeC guidelines through lessons learnt during the periodic review. 

Three separate subcommittees will be established for the review of the National Guidelines as follows:  

Review of Guidelines Parts 

Review Subcommittee 

Subcommittee Sponsor 

0 – 7  

OS – Other Sections 

Jacquie Bellhouse 

8 - 11 

ADT&SV – Acoustic Doppler Technology & Surface Velocimetry 

Mark Randall 

0 – 3 & 5 

GW – Groundwater Content 

Hashim Carey 

If you have expertise relevant to (including parts of) the guidelines and would like to contribute to the review process, please consider nominating yourself to join any of the three review subcommittees by e-mailing your expression of interest (EOI) to a WaMSTeC representative or by 10th February 2023.  

Please note that subcommittee membership is voluntary, endorsed by the parent organisation and should be product/brand independent. Please also note that much of the work of the subcommittees will be out-of-session and volunteers will need to have sufficient time to provide the required input.  

For further information, please contact the subcommittee sponsors.  Although feedback is welcomed at any time, on any of the Guidelines by emailing the Bureau , the comments registered during the Consultation Process during the Periodic Review will be addressed in the development of the updated guidelines.