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By the bubbler with Carmel Krogh OAM

Australian Water Association President-elect and Director of Shoalhaven Water, Carmel Krogh, has been awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for service to civil engineering. Carmel has been a member of the AWA since 1989 and a National Board Member since 2013. She will take up her position as Association President at Ozwater’19 in May. We took a few moments to get to know her better.

What drew you into the water industry?

I started out as a trainee engineer (POGS – Professional Officer General Scale, as it was known in those days) with the Water Board in Sydney in 1980. From the first day I walked in the door I think I was hooked on water – and have never looked back.

Who or what do you draw inspiration from?

All the people that I have worked with along my career journey. As a young female engineer back then there were some interesting situations that I came across. No matter what the situation there was always someone that helped me out – the water industry has such a great collegiate sense to it.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I started trying to play golf a couple of years ago and am trying very hard to find more time for it! I also love to read and take the greatest pleasure in a glass of red wine and a good book!

If you were a breed of dog, which would you be and why?

A border collie – because I am a workaholic.

What do you believe is currently the greatest challenge for your part of the water industry?

Regional Australia faces many challenges in the water sector – not only are there issues of scarcity of supply but also the ability to attract and retain the skills we need. That is why I am so passionate about showing our younger professionals the great opportunities we have in the water industry.

How does your organisation benefit from being a corporate member of the Australian Water Association?

The ability to very easily link up with others to find inspiration or solutions to a problem – whether it be through specialist networks, conferences or the YWP program. AWA is always the starting point if we are looking for something outside our organisation.

What messages would you like to give to your colleagues in the Queensland water sector?

The Queensland water sector is a fascinating space to be in – the state has it all – large and small utilities, world class universities, research and consultants – and a great AWA committee! You have so many opportunities to be involved and I encourage everyone to be involved in meeting the challenges that we all face to create a sustainable water future.

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This article was written for the February 2019 edition of Source QLD.