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AWA submission into National Water Initiative review

With the future of Australia's water reform journey now at a critical juncture, the Australian Water Association is coordinating a member submission to the Productivity Commission on the review of the National Water Initiative (NWI).

The Association’s submission approach began with a member survey that collated responses from 53 members to the questions raised by the Productivity Commission in their issues paper.

Are the objectives of the NWI being met? Of the 51 survey responses, 19 (37%) said that states and territories were not achieving the agreed objectives and outcomes of the NWI agreement.

The results of the member survey were synthesised into six priority themes, which were circulated to members prior to the first virtual member consultation meeting held on Friday, 3 July. The priority themes were:

  1. Urban water
  2. Rural water
  3. Groundwater
  4. Indigenous water
  5. Research and development (R&D)
  6. A national reform agency

During the webinar, each of the themes and sub themes were polled by participants and discussed in small breakout groups. Below are some of the results and you can see all the poll results here.

Poll: Importance of themes in the context of national water reform

Poll: What elements of a national reform agency are important?

It is clear from both the survey and poll results that water reform and research should be high on the political agenda.

The Association is now refining the six themes based on member feedback, which will be the focus of the second virtual member consultation meeting to be held on Tuesday, 11 August. Please note, this is a member-only meeting. To register, click here.

The outcomes from the second consultation meeting will shape the Association’s final submission to the Productivity Commission on the review of the National Water Initiative.

For further information, please contact Paul Smith.