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Rural Vietnam–Australia Water Utility Improvement Program launches

The Australian Water Association (AWA), in partnership with the Vietnam National Centre for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (NCERWASS), this week launched the new Vietnam–Australia Water Utility Improvement Program (WUIP).

The WUIP will connect three Australian and three Vietnamese water utilities through a two-year knowledge sharing program to improve access to safe and reliable water for thousands of Vietnamese people.

The partnership will support rural Vietnamese water operators to improve water service delivery across Vietnam, providing exposure to the high-quality technology and management practices of Australian water utilities.

The WUIP will connect:

  • Viet Ha Construction Investment and Development Company Limited with Whitsunday Water
  • Nghe An Rural Water Supply and Environment JS Company with Singleton Council Water
  • An Giang Centre for Rural Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation with Riverina Water

The WUIP was launched during the 5th Australian water delegation to Vietwater, Vietnam's largest water conference and exhibition. It follows the successful Australia-Vietnam Urban WUIP implementation that improved the capacity of five Vietnamese water utilities to deliver better water services to 11 million customers in Ho Chi Minh City, Son La, Hue, Binh Duong and Phu Tho.

The WUIP is part of the Australian Government’s legacy of supporting the Vietnamese water sector over many years, which has increased access to treated water services for millions across Vietnam.

“This program will create long-term relationships and knowledge exchange between Vietnamese and Australian institutions," Australian Ambassador to Vietnam Robyn Mudie said.

"This is part of our commitment to supporting Vietnam to develop the quality infrastructure and services it needs to transition to a more resilient, inclusive and prosperous country."

As a representative of rural water operators across Vietnam, NCERWASS are proud to partner with AWA and the Australian water utilities and are excited to work with the Australian water sector to improve water supply service delivery across rural Vietnam through the exchange of knowledge, new technologies and expertise,” said Dr Van Anh, Vice Head of the Water Resource Directorate.

The WUIP involves the reciprocal exchange of staff between Australian and rural Vietnamese water organisations to support improvements in the management of water assets, customer engagement, water quality improvements and technology innovations.

“Through our partnership, the Australian and Vietnamese water sectors will work together to provide water solutions by sharing innovation and expertise,” AWA President Carmel Krogh said.

“AWA is delighted to have Whitsunday Water, Riverina Water and Singleton Water as new Australian utilities on the program. These leading regional water utilities have much experience and knowledge to share with Vietnam’s rural water utility sector and AWA is confident these new partnerships will help improve water services in regional Vietnam.

Further to the WUIP, the Australian Government is supporting AWA and NCERWASS to enhance the connections between the two water sectors to showcase Australian drinking water innovation and expertise in Vietnam to continue to support the Vietnamese Government’s objectives for increased access to safe, reliable and affordable water services in rural Vietnam.

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