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New water analysis partnership a boon for global service provision

Environmental solutions service provider Veolia has announced a three-year partnership with water analysis company Hach, with the new agreement bolstering water operations for customers worldwide.

Hach will be the preferred provider of laboratory equipment and chemistry, and supplier of process analysers, samplers and panel solutions for Veolia.

Hach President Kevin Klau said he is confident the partnership will result in reduced operational costs for Veolia’s customers, as well as benefits from an environmental perspective.

“Hach is proud to be expanding our partnership with Veolia, an organisation that is widely considered to be a global leader in water operations, treatment and innovation,” Klau said. “Our broad product offering, global service capabilities, applications insight and software capabilities will combine with Veolia’s operations, engineering and innovation experience to deliver reduced operating costs and improved environmental compliance.”

As part of this agreement, Veolia and Hach will also form a global technical partnership, which will work to adapt and validate Hach’s software tools and solutions for use by Veolia.

The technical partnership will include Veolia’s utilisation of Hach’s operational insights software, Claros, as well as other data and process management offerings.

Veolia Global Procurement and CPO Senior Vice President Pascal Decary said that while the partnership is an extension of years of collaboration, the new agreement will strengthen the company’s service.

“Veolia is thrilled to expand the partnership we have had for many years with Hach, who is global leader in water analytics instrumentation, software and service,” he said. “This strategic collaboration will help us achieve important savings, streamline our procurement process and help improve operational performance, while keeping on delivering the best-in-class service to our customers.”

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