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Mains replacement for South Australian town

More than 2000 m of water mains are due to be replaced in the South Australian town of Wasleys, north of Adelaide, as part of SA Water’s four year, $155 million water main management program.

The installation of the new pipe, which is located on Wasleys Road, began in late March and is expected to take up to 12 weeks to complete.

SA Water’s statewide water main replacement program is responding to both environmental and population changes. Upgrading water mains helps to both maintain and improve the network’s reliability.

“Our regional water main replacements are a great example of our ongoing investment to ensure a reliable supply of safe, clean water for our customers,” said Amanda Lewrey, SA Water’s General Manager, Sustainable Infrastructure. ‘’

The program is replacing outdated fibro-cement pipes with a PVC alternative.

“We are using PVC pipes for the majority of our water main replacement program, which are known for their better flexibility and resistance to movement, compared to fibro-cement,” said Lewrey.

“While it’s difficult to completely stop water main leaks and breaks from occurring due to soil movement, weather and a variety of other environmental factors, we are committed to proactively limiting their frequency and any potential impact on our customers.

SA Water has long term investment in mind, selecting pipes with a lifespan of up to 100 years.

“With the new pipes having an approximate life span of up to 100 years, this project ensures we can keep providing our customers in Wasleys with safe, smart, reliable and affordable water services for years to come,” said Lewry.

The SA Water program prioritises water mains that are most likely to require attention, assessing them on factors including the likelihood of future water main breaks, the consequence of those breaks, whether a water main is causing a restrictions, and the economic efficiency of the replacement.