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Coliban Water seeks alternative to reservoir

Victoria's Coliban Water is investigating potential underground water supply for Kyneton and Tylden to complement and support the existing supply from Lauriston Reservoir.

Despite water supply being secure to Kyneton and Tylden in Victoria, Coliban Water is investigating potential groundwater supply for the towns, hoping to provide an alternative source to manage potential issues in the future.

Executive General Manager Climate and Population Adaptation Steve Healy said the need to secure an alternative supply source was identified in the organisation’s Urban Water Strategy 2017.

“Kyneton and Tylden are currently supplied by water from Lauriston Reservoir, which is treated at the Kyneton Water Treatment Plant,” said Healy.

“Supply to these towns is secure but securing a groundwater supply will provide an alternative source to manage climate change impacts and supplement the current supply during drought.

The Urban Water Strategy is a 50-year plan to secure water for future generations and is reviewed every five years.

“Water security is also a strategic direction in our Strategy 2030 — our 10-year plan to guide us to ensure there is enough water to sustain and grow economic activity and investment for our region,” said Healy.

Field investigations to identify potential test drilling sites have already begun. The investigations are taking place on public land, but the organisation is taking account of existing use.

“Our investigations are mindful of existing groundwater use and value in the area. Goulburn-Murray Water regulates groundwater and we will meet all its regulatory requirements,” Healy said.

“If we identify potential test drilling sites we will provide information to the community on any further works.”