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Branch Committee Elections

2024 Nomination Statements

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Victorian Branch Committee Nominees

My name is Christine Kaucner and I started as a microbiologist in a water testing laboratory more than 30 years ago. In the 11 years that I worked in the lab I was heavily involved in method development and improvement.  I was part of the team that introduced molecular methods to the laboratory in the 1990s.  This interest in molecular tools has continued as the technology improved and I have experience with NGS for 16S microbial profiling and AMR genes and recognise that these tools, and others, can provide useful and crucial information for the water industry.  

From 2001 I worked for 9 years at the Water Research Centre, UNSW.  Here I worked on projects studying the overland transport of pathogens and protection of the riparian zone while concurrently completing a Msc. studying the surface properties of Cryptosporidium oocysts.   For 11 years I was an active participant on the Australian Standards Committee for Water Microbiology.  After a 7-year break to be a full-time parent, I returned to working in a commercial laboratory with a focus on pathogen isolation and detection.  I have extensive experience with the microbial aspect of MS2 challenge testing of UF skids in Class A treatment plants.  

I am now Deputy Team Leader of Microbiology and a professional member of the Australian Society for Microbiology (MASM).  I have had a varied career and would be excited to be involved in the Victorian branch of the AWA as a committee member where I believe I would be of service by sharing my experience and knowledge.

I am Chris Lee and as the current out-going Chair for the Victorian Young Water Professionals (YWP) Committee, I am pleased to nominate myself for the Victorian Branch Committee.

Over my years in the YWP Committee, I have shown commitment to delivering for YWPs, with coordinating the Ozwater’24 YWP Day and actively delivering initiatives such as an inaugural International APAC Showcase. I am keen to bring some YWP energy, passion and enthusiasm to the Branch Committee, and further strengthen relationships between the two committees.

I currently work within the Victorian State Government on economic regulation and customer protections for the water sector and bring to the table a wealth of experience as a former landscape architect, urban planner and current academic tutor within the University of Melbourne. Through this, I hope to bring along some diversity in water perspectives to the Branch Committee.
As a current International Water Association Australia YWP Committee member, I also hope to bring some international perspectives to the Branch Committee. Through my cultural background, I also hope to bring about my understanding of how water is managed in Hong Kong and Vietnam, in addition to ensuring that the Branch Committee is reflective of the communities we serve.

Thank you in advance for any votes cast for me and the opportunity to nominate. I hope to continue challenging today to reinvent tomorrow for the Victorian water sector!

After four years as a member of the AWA Vic YWP Committee, I’m excited to nominate for the Branch Committee and continue my contribution to our collaborative and passionate water sector.  During my time on the YWP Committee, I have supported those in the early stages of their career, as the University Engagement Lead in 2021 and Industry Mentoring Program Lead for the past two years. Over this time, we’ve had increased participation of university students and regional professionals in the program, which is very rewarding to see. I also led the YWP Ball in 2022, which is always a blast.

Professionally, I lead Stantec’s Advisory & Planning team in Victoria. We deliver Strategic Planning, Civil Design, Asset Management and Procurement assignments for various metropolitan and regional water authorities. I’ve spent time at Western Water and East Gippsland Water on secondment and shown a dedication to innovative value creation, having presented twice at OzWater and been part of the AWA’s 2022 Victorian Infrastructure Project Innovation Award winning delivery team.

Joining the Branch Committee would provide an opportunity to continue supporting the sector outside my professional role and learn from the other experienced professionals on Branch. I’m excited for this opportunity to contribute from a different vantage point whilst being a bridge to the YWP committee, of which I have continued relationships with.

Dr. Emily Quek, an accomplished professional in water quality and treatment, brings over a decade of invaluable expertise to the water industry, coupled with her exceptional leadership skills, making her an excellent candidate for the AWA VIC branch committee.  Currently, as the Water Quality Manager (ANZ) at TRILITY, Emily collaborates closely with operational teams and actively contributes to industry knowledge-sharing through her involvement in AWA and WSSA, where she not only contributes as a member but also serves as a reviewer OZWater, Water NZ Conference and journals. 

Emily actively engages in mentoring initiatives within the water sector, including VIC mentorship programs and TRILITY's internal initiatives. Her leadership qualities have earned recognition among peers, reflecting her dedication to shaping the industry’s future. Emily's eagerness to contribute aligns well with AWA's mission of fostering collaboration, Emily aims to promote industry cohesion by supporting inclusion and diversity, organising educational events or workshops, leveraging her experiences to foster innovation. Her active involvement as the committees of the AWA Water Quality Specialist Network and the Water NZ Conference highlights her commitment to industry collaboration and advancement. 

Emily's passion for the water industry drives her commitment to supporting, promoting, and innovating for a sustainable future. Her desire to serve the AWA VIC branch committee and its members is evident in her dedication and advocacy. With her wealth of experience and dedication to excellence, Dr. Emily Quek is poised to drive positive change within the AWA VIC branch committee and advance the water industry as a whole.

Since joining the water industry in 2017 I've sat on both the YWP and then the Branch committee in Victoria - for the last year holding the Presidency.  During the past year we as a committee have initiated several key initiatives including a program to provide opportunities to new migrants, refugees and immigrants and partnering with Go Girl to attract talent and skills to the water industry. I'm passionate about supporting our emerging leaders and have tried to bring our committees closer to jointly support the state and national AWA strategy.

My day job in the commercialisation of innovation to global utilities and partners I think brings a unique perspective to the committee. I'm keen to continue my contribution to the water industry by shaping the VIC committee and seeing through the initiatives and programs we have commenced this year, while continuing to grow and expand our value to members.

I am a senior process engineer in Arup’s Vic Water Team. I’ve been in the Water Industry for up to 15 years’ experience and hold a PhD specialising in the role of rheology on sludge treatment and handling processes such as anaerobic digestion. I have primarily worked on water and wastewater treatment from planning and feasibility, conceptual design through to design and construct in Australia, an area that has been both challenging and rewarding! I have an extensive research experience in water and wastewater treatment, obtained in Australia and on an international scale, in France. I have presented at various international water conferences and am considered an expert on various topics within the water industry.  

I am the AWA YWP Victoria branch Vice Chair and have been previously the AWA NSW Newcastle branch committee member. In these roles, I helped young water professionals connect and promoted AWA’s opportunities. Recently, I organised and co-hosted the Women in Water networking drinks during Ozwater, which supports and promotes women in the water industry and positions of leadership! 

My vision for the committee is to continue bringing more of our industry together – across regions, across more parts of our industry, and across levels of experience, including in universities. I’d love to get the chance to contribute this to the committee over the next year. I see us learning together at seminars and talks, collaborating on outreach programs, and getting to know each other at the social events!

I am grateful for the opportunity to have served as a VIC Branch Committee member for the past two years and I would like to nominate to continue to support our association for a further 2 years.
It has been a very rewarding experience, getting to work with and for our members, raising our association's and industry's profile, promoting the diversity of our sector and what we accomplish together. I have enjoyed the networking, interactions as well as the planning and delivery of well received events. The highlight has been the ability to work, learn and share insights with such a vibrant and motivated group of individuals representing a great cross section of our industry. 

As the Director for Water and Asset Management across Victoria and South Australia I feel I can continue to contribute to the Committee and AWA, with a focus on helping shape and deliver our program of events for our members. As such I would gladly welcome the opportunity to keep being an active member of our VIC Branch Committee.
Thank you kindly for your consideration.

In my role as General Manager of Strategic Services at Wannon Water I’m accountable for the development of organisational strategy, building innovation capability, enhancing social licence and strategic and business growth programs. The portfolio includes net zero, circular economy, first nations and unregulated revenue.
I’m passionate about improving public health and community outcomes beyond the safe water and sewerage services traditionally delivered by water utilities. This is exemplified by my work initiating the Quality Water for Wannon program, which was presented at Voices for the Bush in 2022. The program will deliver significant public health, cost of living and commercial benefits to three regional communities by improving aesthetic water quality, an issue traditionally considered “beyond BAU”. Outside Wannon Water I am a Director of Zero Emissions Water, a member of the WSAA Liveable Communities Committee and a Board member of the Committee for Portland.
Being a panellist at OzWater 2024 reminded me of the great work AWA is doing and motivated me to offer up my time to support this. AWA's strategic plan aligns well with my passions and I’m keen to bring a regional voice to the table to expand AWA’s value proposition. In nominating for the Vic Branch Committee, I'm also keen to expanding my professional connections.
I joined the water sector in 2004 after 17 years national and international experience in both public and private forestry organisations. Home is in Warrnambool in the amazing south west of Victoria.
My employer endorses this application.

I'm currently a Senior Lecturer in Water Engineering at Deakin University (Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus). I conduct research on Smart Water System Design and Analysis and teach undergraduate students on subjects related to Hydrology, Hydraulics, and Water Engineering Design. 
From 2022 to present, I have been serving as a committee member in the AWA VIC branch. I have facilitated the delivery of several state-wide events and will be helping with the OzWater’24 as a volunteer. I have been promoting AWA at Deakin University and developed a number of new professional and student members. 
Continuing my role in the AWA VIC branch committee will provide me the opportunity to facilitate broad collaborations among different sectors, and in particular, between the education sector and the water industry. I am passionate about solving pressing problems in the water industry through innovation and partnerships. Collaboration is essential for addressing large scale issues such as the Sustainable Development Goals set the UN. AWA is the peak body for water professionals in Australia and provides an excellent platform for collaboration. My focus will be enhancing the industry relevance in higher education for job-ready graduates and creating high-quality professional development opportunities for water professionals.
I will advocate for regional AWA members. Living in regional Victoria and through my interactions with regional water utilities and companies, I understand some of the challenges faced by regional water professionals. I will continue listening to regional members on their needs and making sure their voices are heard by the committee.

I'm Julien Tauvry, the Plant Director for the Victorian Desalination Plant. With 25 years of international experience with Suez, I have been actively involved in multiple large-scale infrastructures around the world, complex frameworks (PPP, DBO, services) and advanced technologies, across all project phases (R&D, bid, design, construction, operation and maintenance). I would like to continue to share my experience and knowledge with the Australian Water Sector and learning from other professionals. The AWA provides an effective and recognised platform to do so.

Victoria has its specific water challenges. With Melbourne Metro area set to become the most populated in Australia, the states water industry is facing significant challenges and difficult choices. Manufactured water (desal and recycling) will be a key element in Victoria's future. I'm looking forward to joining the AWA Victorian Branch using/sharing my technical and contractual skills to focus on stakeholder engagement, system continuous improvement and performance delivery. I also see this membership as an opportunity to further strengthen the circular economy in Victoria, supporting the concept of Accelerating action.

As a passionate Environment and Sustainability manager working in John Hollands water team, I believe that my skills and expertise would be a valuable addition to the committee's objectives and initiatives.
My colleague, Sam Skinner, suggested that I get involved. Sam speaks highly of the association's commitment to driving positive change in the water industry, and I am eager to contribute.
With my expertise in water contamination, particularly in addressing issues related to contamination, I am eager to support the industry's efforts in addressing environmental challenges faced by the water industry. My technical knowledge and professional network make me a valuable asset in developing effective strategies and tools for mapping and reducing contamination impacts in our water network.
I am also interested in finding a community where I can share my ideas for developing a uniform strategy for Net Zero across the water industry, particularly scope 3 emissions within capital projects. I strongly believe that collaboration and knowledge sharing are key to accelerating progress in the sustainability realm, and being a part of the committee would provide me with the platform to make a meaningful contribution.
Beyond my professional expertise, I am a social, friendly, and passionate individual who thrives in team environments and has a long history of organising events, both social and professional. I am confident that my interpersonal skills and enthusiasm for sustainable practices would be an asset to the committee and our industry.
I am excited about the prospect of joining the VIC Branch Committee of the Australian Water Association. I am confident that my drive, expertise, and community-focused mindset align with the committee's objectives. Given the opportunity, I am committed to actively contributing to the association's 2025 Strategy of addressing climate impacts to the water industry and sharing sustainability successes to wider audiences.

I am honored to nominate myself for a position on the Vic Branch Committee. With more than 16 years of dedicated service in the water industry, my experience spans various facets of water treatment, including involvement in numerous drinking and industrial projects. As a Chartered Professional Engineer and a Chemical Engineer by profession, I have acquired a robust skill set and a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges within the sector.
Currently serving as the Process Engineering & Solutions Manager for Watercare at IXOM, I have had the privilege of leading and contributing to innovative solutions in water treatment. My role has further enhanced my understanding of industry dynamics and provided me with invaluable insights into addressing critical challenges facing our community.
As a committee member, I am committed to actively participating in discussions, sharing insights, and collaborating with fellow members to address key issues and implement solutions that advance the interests of our branch and the broader community. 
By serving on the committee, I aim to play an active role in shaping the future of the water industry in our region. I am eager to bring my passion, expertise, and commitment to the table, working collaboratively towards our shared goals. Thank you for considering my nomination, and I look forward to the possibility of serving on the Vic Branch Committee.

As a leader within the engineering and advisory sectors, I aspire to actively drive and lead a connected and inclusive water future. I am committed to working and collaborating with like-minded people who want to drive positive change, whether that means engaging with specific water management specialists, helping to execute AWA’s Strategy’25 or developing our next generation of water leaders. I am keen to share my experiences across asset management and operational excellence where I can draw upon my experience of adjacent markets, such as transport, telecommunications, or energy sectors. There are real lessons to be shared to expedite our pathway to net zero. 
I have a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion and have led Aurecon’s regional Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee to improve education and awareness. This has included working with ‘not for profit’ organisations to build social value and driving a skilled migrant program to access to engineering opportunities. These opportunities can and must continue to be driven across the water sector. As a community, we need to come together and understand how we can all better manage water, a scarce resource, and acknowledge that each of us has a role to play. 
My leadership and organisational skills will also provide flexibility where I can support the AWA Branch Committee as required. In summary, we need to move quickly and meaningfully on climate action and I am excited at the prospect of inspiring change for the water sector with AWA.

I'm Sam and I work in Water Resources Policy at Greater Western Water. I’ve also been on the AWA YWP Subcommittee for the past couple of years, and am now looking to move on to the Vic Branch Committee!

Since beginning as a graduate in the water industry back in 2020, I was fortunate to attend various AWA events and join the AWA Mentoring Program in 2021. I quickly saw the importance of the association in our industry, and I was keen to contribute further. So I joined the AWA's YWP Subcommittee in 2022. During my two years on the committee, I've held the roles of Partnerships and Engagement Coordinator as well as Secretary on the Executive Team.

The AWA has an integral role in enhancing the careers of water professionals. From putting on technical and social events, conferences and development programs, there is so much on offer for everyone to get involved in, and I've found it to be a great way of connecting with those I wouldn’t usually interact with on an everyday basis. It’s also been great to represent GWW and provide opportunities for our young professionals to take part in AWA events.

I've seen first-hand the benefits our Branch and YWP Committees provide to the water industry. However I see room for improvement in the way our two committees work together to deliver high-quality events. As a former YWPer looking to join branch, I hope to lead the way in improving this connection.

The AWA Branch Committee provides a great opportunity to give back to the water industry. It has been a great pleasure to contribute to both the Branch and Young Water Professionals Committees over the past seven years. One area of recent focus has been assisting skilled migrants with making connections and finding meaningful opportunities in the water industry through technical and networking events. Another great example of the Committee’s impact is the Merri Creek Women’s Walk. It was wonderful to be involved in this project right from the start and contribute to the stories for the virtual map and then the launch event. I was involved in the YWP committee for two terms including as Chair and the last term on Branch Committee, where highlights were organising a session sharing the Wara Paring story at the Australia – New Zealand YWP Conference, organising the Bushfire Response and Recovery Hackathon, and ten other professional development or technical events. I’m planning to continue to contribute to further events and initiatives, as well as increasing cross-industry collaboration as water plays a central role in hydrogen-oxygen hubs. The next few years are critical in changing the trajectory to get to net zero and beyond.

I am pleased to have served on the AWA Victorian Branch Committee for the past four years and am eager to continue contributing to its successes in the coming years. My time on the committee has provided me with valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities facing the water industry in Victoria, and I am committed to leveraging this experience to drive positive change.
With over 22 years of experience in the water industry, spanning roles in both the private and public sectors across Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and the Middle East, I bring a wealth of expertise. My background includes a PhD in water planning, an M.Eng in Engineering (Water), and a B.Sc. in Engineering (Civil), as well as extensive experience in project delivery, design management, and stakeholder engagement.
In addition to my technical skills, I have a proven track record in leadership, team management, and business development. My ability to navigate complex regulatory environments and build strong relationships with stakeholders has been instrumental in driving successful outcomes for the organizations I have worked with. 
I currently work at Yarra Valley Water, Managing Standards and Products. This job helps me stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the water industry. I'm excited to share what I learned in this role with the AWA Victoria Branch Committee. Together, we can work towards making positive changes for our industry and community.

I am a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Hydrology & Water Resources in the Department of Infrastructure Engineering, the University of Melbourne. I have over ten years’ experience across academia and industry. I completed my PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering in 2012 on the topic of water distribution system optimisation. Since then, I have been working on the development of numerical methods to solve environmental engineering problems, with a focus on the optimal design and operation of water distribution systems and management of water resources systems. 
One important part of my job is to train future water professionals for Victoria and beyond. AWA is an important industry body for water professionals in Australia and provides an excellent platform for collaboration. Joining the AWA VIC branch committee will provide me with an opportunity to facilitate broad collaborations among different sectors, in particular between the education sector and the water industry. This will assist in producing industry-ready graduates and future leaders in the water industry, creating professional development opportunities for water professionals, and prompting translation of research outcomes into real-world solutions. As a member/committee member of several international engineering societies, including the Water Distribution Systems Analysis (WDSA) Task Committee of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the International Environmental Modelling and Software Society (iEMSs), I would also like to promote the importance of our work in Victoria and Australia on international platforms.

Despite being new to the water industry, I am extremely passionate about making a difference and being an active member in any sector I am part of. With over 13 years' experience in communications, events and partnerships, I am confident I could add so much value to the AWA VIC Branch in delivery its stand-out program of events, engaging with members and growing partnership and industry support. I have the time, skills and passion to dedicate to helping the AWA achieve its goals and mission in Victoria and beyond!


Victorian Young Water Professionals Subcommittee Nominees

Currently working in the recycled water planning space at Yarra Valley Water, I am incredibly passionate about advancing water resource sustainability. A passion shared by many young water professionals as it directly impacts the future we will witness in our lifetime. I am enthusiastic about joining the AWA YWP subcommittee as it offers an opportunity to bring together young people across the Victorian water sector to promote the topics which are important to us, and to provide unique perspectives on current industry challenges.
I have participated in many AWA YWP events, including the mentoring program, networking events, and have widened my water industry network across the country by presenting at regional AWA conferences. I also share my passion for water and promote careers in our industry with future professionals through university and high school-level education programs. This is something I am keen to continue through the subcommittee as I aim to bring together seasoned professionals and emerging talent, facilitating exchange of ideas and skills that will drive positive change in our sector and create a welcoming and inclusive industry.
My diverse professional experience spans operations, planning and compliance for wastewater, recycled water and drinking water. I bring leadership experience from roles in my university's engineering society and as a board member of the James Cook University Chemical Engineering Advisory Board. Additionally, my active involvement with AWA’s YWP for over two years demonstrates my sustained dedication and readiness to contribute meaningfully to the subcommittee’s initiatives.
Dear Victoria Branch Committee - AWA,
I am honoured to nominate to serve on the Victoria Branch Committee and VIC Young Water Professional (YWP) Subcommittee at AWA. As Water Professional I am passionate about water sustainability and enthusiastic about contributing to more resilient communities.
I am a dedicate Civil Engineer and MSc in Water Resources with over 9 years of compressive experience working in the water industry bringing water supply and sanitation solutions in complex context and working closely with communities. During my career I feel highly motivate about making great contributions to society in terms of closing the gap about access to running water and wastewater systems.
I had the opportunity to attend the YWP day at the Ozwater24, it was inspiring for me
witnessed the dedication of YWP, sharing their knowledge, fostering connections and inspiring positive change within the water sector. I believe young water professionals plays a key role in accelerate action in the water sector by increasing awareness about water issues and the importance of water conservation.
Furthermore, I am motivated about creating a more sustainable and inclusive water future, promoting innovation, fostering collaboration and engaging with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, this reflects a holistic approach to water management. I am confident that my extensive experience, motivation and interpersonal skills will make a great contribution to the VIC Branch Committee and VIC YWP Subcommittee at AWA.
Thank you for considering this nomination. I am confident that I will bring immense value to the AWA and look forward to contributing to their positive impacts and the large water community.


I am pleased to put forward a nomination for the AWA's VIC Branch YWP Subcommittee.
I am a process engineer, with a background in the design of drinking water and wastewater treatment infrastructure. I have a passion for delivering sustainable outcomes on projects and hold the role of Carbon Delivery Lead in the Water Business Line at Beca HunterH2O.
I have previously been involved in several initiatives which embrace AWA's values of passion, collaboration, and inclusivity. At university, I was a part of the UC Women in Engineering committee. In my role I organized industry speaker nights, a student mentoring program, and an engineering challenge which focused on the sustainable management of a degrading lake in collaboration with local iwi. I was a leader at WIE CAN, a week-long program focused on encouraging high school girls into a career in engineering or STEM. I have also recently taken part in a high school work experience program and mentoring at the Ozwater Education Hub.
I understand the importance of working collaboratively within a team and incorporating diverse perspectives. I hope to share my knowledge with the YWP committee to be able to deliver meaningful events for AWA members and the wider community. In particular, I would be excited to contribute to the mentoring program and help to facilitate valuable experience and expertise transfer within the industry.
Overall, I would greatly value the opportunity to support the YWP committee in delivering AWA's mission to inspire and drive a sustainable water future.
I am nominating for a position on the Victorian Young Water Professionals Subcommittee as I believe my previous experiences and skills are a great asset. I have a genuine passion to create great experiences and development for those around me. I was excited to attend the Ozwater conference and YWP program in Melbourne. This further inspired me to want to get involved with AWA.

I am Graduate Engineer at Greater Western Water. I studied environmental engineering and environmental science. I chose to study this as I have had a strong interest in water since I was a child. I have proven to be a dedicated and passionate individual in my career already, from my vast array of extracurricular activities completed, through my time at university.

I would love to get involved with this as I see it as a great opportunity to development myself and others. 

My experience includes:

- Being an executive committee member to my academic club for multiple years. Winning award for best club at university. organising 10+ events each year, ranging from small social events to formal industry nights, camps, and formal balls with 600+ attendees.

- Held a position on two university governance boards, including sitting on the RMIT Academic board, holding the highest position available to a higher education student across the university. Here I advocated strongly for the student experience and welfare.

- involvement on multiple other feedback committees and degree and university level, and student misconduct panel volunteer.
Dear AWA Community,


I'm excited about the opportunity to be a part of the AWA VIC Young Water Professionals Subcommittee. My journey in water and sustainability began with my Master's in Chemical Engineering with Business at the University of Melbourne and has only deepened through my role at KPMG in our Engineering and Asset Management division, where I work with water authorities on strategic planning and asset management.


I understand that one of the committee's key roles is coordinating YWP events. I have experience volunteering on committees and organising events for the likes of Young Engineers Australia, Robogals, and various university societies. I'm passionate about creating inclusive events that fit into our various schedules and allow us to share and grow our knowledge in the water sector.


However, being on the YWP subcommittee isn't just about planning events;it's also about immersing myself in an environment where I can enhance my understanding of water issues. It's a space where I can learn from peers, keep up with the latest industry movements, and bring my perspective to the table.


I'm ready to roll up my sleeves, help organise engaging activities, and advance my expertise alongside a community of like-minded professionals. I hope to contribute to making the YWP a hub for professional development, support, and connection.


Thanks for considering my application. I am looking forward to the possibility of contributing and growing with the YWP subcommittee.


Warm regards, Kathleen Owens
I am a graduate civil engineer joining Stantec’s Water Group this year and am excited to get involved in the industry wherever possible. I started my career 3 years ago with Flovac, where I gained experience in alternative sewer system design with an emphasis on environmental sustainability. With Stantec I’ve joined the Pride @ Stantec Victorian committee where I hope to make a difference in promoting diversity within the engineering sector and helping to make safer spaces for queer and gender diverse individuals within the organisation.
While I lack previous committee experience, I am passionate about driving change and promoting greater connections within water. I am hardworking and wish to contribute my time and energy to an organization that can help me help others.
Hi there, my name is Marian and I work for Stantec. I have been in the water industry for over three years after working for government in the traffic/roads sector. I have worked on projects for clients such as Greater Western Water, Yarra Valley Water, South East Water and Melbourne Water.
I am interested in joining the Young Water Professionals (YWP) Subcommittee after attending several AWA/YWP events, including the YWP Balls, AWA Gala Dinner, YWP Regional Study Tour and YWP Sundowner Event. I have been involved in several committees, events and voluntary organisations throughout university and work. Previous organisations I have been involved in have been In2science and ABCN, which aim to encourage school students from low socio-economic areas to pursue STEM careers. I also previously worked at WSP where I was involved in their Emerging Professionals Network (EPN) group (YWP equivalent at WSP), both as a committee member and co-chair for Victoria, and well as their Diversity Council. I am currently the chair of Women@Stantec in Victoria, organising events and resources for Women at the company, and am involved in CSIRO's STEM Professionals in Schools Program.
I am keen to contribute to the YWP Subcommittee and to get involved in a more water-focused organisation. I believe I can provide some learnings from my previous experiences in these roles while also bringing a fresh perspective. I hope you can consider me for this opportunity!
Hi! My name is Maxime and I am a Civil and Environmental Engineer at CMP. I have loved attending the YWP study tours, and more recently, the YWP Ozwater conference. I have been leading the YWPs at CMP for the last 2 years and I want to be part of something bigger and share my passion for water and care for people with other YWPs in the industry.
Migrating to Australia, I have found the Aboriginal culture fascinating. The AWA was an aid in my journey towards getting to know country and learning about First Nation people. By joining the committee, I hope to further educate myself and others about how we can work together with Aboriginal people in the indigenous way.
I have recently been involved in Gems in STEM, an initiative that involves inspiring high school students to pursue careers in the water industry, particularly focussing on the current climate crisis. Gems in STEM also aims to tackle the crisis in STEM. This crisis is the lack of people and diversity in our industry. We aim to show students the true opportunities that engineering can give and the amazing impact that someone can have on communities.
Being successful in joining the YWP committee would allow me to collaborate and lead with other like-minded YWPs to develop greater initiatives and together, have a positive impact on our community.
I’ve grown up surrounding my life with water, whether it be through family fishing trips, rowing, studying it, and now working within the industry. Water is such a huge part of all of our lives. So, I’m extremely thankful that I get to work in an industry that allows me to contribute to ensuring that even as Australia grows, we can provide water to everyone.
Having recently attended the OzWater Young Water Professionals program, I was able to develop a deeper understanding of our duties as young water professionals to push more sustainable solutions, consider the knowledge and needs of First Nations people. I hope to use these learnings to create meaningful change with the YWP committee.
Since joining the water industry, it’s been incredibly fulfilling to work on impactful projects and to meet all the passionate people involved. I’m driven to contribute to pushing our industry forward with other Young Water Professionals through AWA with engaging events and initiatives. I hope I can utilise my experiences across a range of industries as a mechanical engineer to bring new perspectives to the committee. Having worked in a range of different roles such as the incoming coordinator for IAESTE Australia, I’m comfortable working with diverse individuals across organisations and roles.
Minh Duc Nguyen, a consultant at Isle Utilities with extensive experience in water engineering, is nominated for the VIC Young Water Professionals (YWP) Subcommittee. With expertise in environmental engineering and business development, Duc has contributed significantly to addressing water challenges. Holding a PhD in Environmental Engineering from Deakin University, his research on alum sludge reuse has been recognized through publications and awards such as the Australian Water Student Prize. Duc's interest in fostering collaborations, particularly between Australia and Vietnam, reflects his commitment to community impact. His leadership and professional background make him a suitable candidate for these roles, where his contributions can benefit the committees and the water community.
I would like to nominate myself for the Young Water Professionals subcommittee. I believe I can share my previous experience volunteering in other associations such as Engineers without Borders (EWB) Victorian Chapter, UAE Society of Engineers, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and American University of Sharjah Alumni Association. Being able to contribute to the Victorian water industry is always what I dreamt of. I will look to set up useful seminars and sessions that would link different members of the water industry. In addition, there will be an opportunity to learn from effective members of the committee on providing support to the wider Victorian water community.
I am excited about this opportunity because when I joined the Australian Water Association (AWA) in 2021, it opened up a series of opportunities such as securing my first role in the Victorian water industry as a result of the AWA mentoring program. I am eager to play my part in driving Australia’s sustainable water future. I’m also a team player;who collaborate effectively with others and work as part of a team. I am willing to collaborate with fellow committee members to achieve shared objectives.
I am excited by the opportunity to join a collaborative and inclusive quality-culture association like the Young Water Professionals. I believe I am an ideal candidate for this job.
I thank you in advance for your consideration and I look forward to meeting you.
I am nominating myself for the Young Water Professionals (YWP) Subcommittee, Victoria Branch at the Australian Water Association. As a Data Insights Analyst at Goulburn Valley Water and having recently submitted my PhD thesis at Deakin University, where I focused on developing systems thinking-based methodology for decision-making in infrastructure organisations, I am deeply committed to contributing to the water sector, particularly in advancing digital transformation.
I am passionate about exploring the changing data characteristics and data value in water utilities, applying advanced analytics to generate actionable insights, and utilising systems thinking to address complex challenges. My combined research and professional experiences have equipped me with a robust skill set and invaluable insights to understand and navigate the complexity of rapidly evolving landscape of digital technologies, including Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML). I firmly believe that my background and expertise will enable me to make meaningful contributions to the objectives of the YWP Subcommittee.
With a dedication to leveraging my skills, knowledge, and network, I am committed to fostering positive change within the subcommittee. I am eager to engage in collaborative learning with like-minded professionals, exploring innovative solutions, and contributing to the future of the water sector while ensuring that the community value of our collective efforts is maximised.
Thank you for considering my nomination. I am excited about the opportunity to learn and contribute to the YWP Subcommittee and look forward to the possibility of working together to advance our shared goals.
My name is Rex, and I currently work as a Project Engineer in capital asset delivery at South East Water, one of Melbourne’s three metropolitan water retailers. My underlying purpose is a desire to make my community a better place, and I believe that by participating in the YWP subcommittee, I can do my bit to help elevate YWPs in Victoria to aspire highly for themselves and dream big.
My journey did not start in the water sector, and I made a conscious pivot 5 years into my career to fulfill my desire to work in a sector that operates for the public good. I am glad to say that now I am doing my part to make Melbourne more liveable and water resilient as the pressures of growth and climate change become more acute every year.
Over the past 12 months, I have attended events held by the AWA such as Connected by Water and Ozwater, and the AWA VIC YWP through the study tour and mentoring program. I have also been lucky enough to meet many of the current committee members over the past year. These events have opened my eyes to the breadth of the sector as well as the depth of opportunities this association provides. It has also stoked my underlying desire to make my community, the community of YWPs, a better place by providing opportunities to elevate themselves and realise their potential.

I am a Young Water Professional with a background in Process Engineering, currently working in Aurecon Melbourne Water team. As someone who works in and is passionate for the water industry, I have always been interested in getting more involved with the community. Among numerous reasons I have on why I choose to join AWA committee, the main one that really resonates with me is inspired by the technical event AWA hosted with immigrants engineers as the panelists. As someone with international background myself, I felt very assured after attending the event and have been inspired to contribute in any ways I can for the water community. Additionally, the prospect to build network and connect with professionals in the water industry excites me a lot. Thus, I would like to nominate for the VIC Young Water Professionals (YWP) committee.