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Branch Committee Elections

2024 Nomination Statements

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Queensland Branch Committee Nominees

The Australian Water industry is rife with leading experts and specialists across a huge range of fields that support not only progressive means of clean drinking water and environmental benefits but also sustainable and adaptive approaches to the lands on which we operate. The benefit to all this is the ability to have practical knowledge and understanding of industrial and commercial stakeholders who may directly or indirectly benefit from the plethora of Australian water, wastewater, services and solutions.
The overall intent for this nomination is really just to continue to build and grow on the interface between municipal and industry to communicate and bring forward the huge advantages that each bring to the Australian context and practices, but a focus for Queensland. This would be across both urban and rural interfaces already in effect (mining, commercial, manufacturing, agriculture, waste management, etc.) but include those emerging (renewables/hydrogen, critical minerals, Agtech and advanced manufacturing) based on an existing understanding of the Australian water and wastewater industry needs, goals and drivers. This would also be backed by an understanding of local content, diversity
A commitment to share, connect and inspire in this space is one of ease simply based on the tight knit community that already is the Australian Water Industry.

As a long-standing member of the Queensland and Australian Water professional community, I welcome the opportunity to contribute to the industry. Water is my passion, and the industry is experiencing a national growth phase which is an exciting time for all involved. I would like the opportunity to bring my experience to the AWA team to harness this momentum, share industry innovations and build future water leaders.

I am proud to nominate for the Queensland Branch Committee of the Australian Water Association, embodying nearly 15 years of contribution to and passion for the water industry. My journey has been enriched by invaluable experiences afforded to me by industry giants and leaders, shaping my perspective and instilling in me a deep sense of responsibility to give back to the sector that has given me so very much.

From customer service and operational delivery to strategic and executive leadership, I have had the opportunity to traverse the breadth of the industry, accumulating insights and expertise in efficient service delivery and operations, community and customer outcomes, strategy and policy advocacy, and transformative business practices for water utilities. Now, as part of my national Advisory role with Stantec Australia, I am poised to leverage this knowledge and expertise to drive positive change on a broader scale.

My nomination represents not just a personal or professional milestone but a pledge to play an active role in advancing the industry that is integral to the well-being of our communities. I am committed to collaborating with fellow members and champion initiatives that promote sustainability, resilience, and innovation in water and wastewater management.

Together, we can ensure that our collective efforts continue to benefit not only the water sector but also the communities we serve. With gratitude for lessons learned and a steadfast commitment to giving back, I humbly thank you for your consideration of my nomination.

I have been an active volunteer of the Queensland Branch, having served on the committee for the last 2 years and 4 years on the Young Water Professional (YWP) committee prior to that, including being the Chair of the YWP committee in 2021-2022. I have been working as a consultant in the water industry for almost 10 years, and particularly enjoy bridging the gap between traditional, engineering infrastructural solutions and non-infrastructural mindset as well as the alignment to investment frameworks to achieve what’s best for our community, environment and economy.
I am passionate about working with the amazing QLD Committee to create networking and learning experiences for AWA members and the broader water industry. Diversity is very important to me. I am particularly passionate about ensuring that our events are broad enough not only from a content perspective but also the way the events are offered, be it pricing, or time of day, to ensure they are accessible to the diverse AWA members.
Being a strategic engineer, I am also eager to work with the committee to elevate the voices of the QLD members to influence and support AWA strategies’ development and implementation.
I am recognised as a leader in integrated urban water management practice in Queensland and around Australia. I have a long history of championing improved water management (in all its forms) to help achieve enhanced amenity, liveability, economic development, sustainability and resilience outcomes for communities. You could argue my career journey in water has embodied AWA’s Strategy 25 aspiration of ‘Water for Sustainable and Resilient Communities’. I also have as long history in urban catchment management and water quality improvement, and water conservation and use efficiency.
I have qualifications in science and integrated water management, and over 24yrs years’ experience working in all levels of government, industry and most recently the not-for-profit sector. I have extensive networks in North Queensland, Queensland and now across Australia through my current role at Water Sensitive Cities Australia.
I am a current member of the Qld AWA Branch committee where I have actively championed regional Queensland perspectives and events. I was also the Chair of the Reef Urban Stormwater Management group for 10 years and a member of the Townsville Local Marine Advisory Committee for 15 years. My continuing participation on the Qld Branch Committee will leverage these networks and my knowledge and experience, to assist AWA and the Qld Branch Committee to achieve its objectives.
With a 18-year career successfully delivering water, wastewater and desalination infrastructure projects globally (Australia, UK, Chile, and the middle east), I am excited for the opportunity to contribute to the AWA Queensland branch, helping to improve member experience and providing my knowledge, expertise and passion for the sector to drive a sustainable water future while encouraging inclusivity and innovation.
I have previously been a Queensland YWP committee member which means I am familiar with how the AWA organisation operates and appreciate the need to attract and retain new members as well as recognise existing members for their service and achievements.
I will bring my expertise working for some of the largest global water sector focused engineering firms, as well as local water utilities, to help develop and inspire the new branch committee and deliver optimal outcomes for AWA Queensland. With a positive and enthusiastic mindset, I look forward to supporting and delivering AWA events as well as collaborating with associated working groups to help elevate the quality of services for Queensland members, whether this be in the southeast or regionally. I will use my skills to promote knowledge sharing, diversity, inclusion, and collaboration with indigenous communities, which is key to enhancing the branch's operations and reputation.
Having previously benefited from attending and participating in many of AWA's events, I'm eager to give back and sustain its impactful legacy in the years ahead.

I'm a water industry professional of over 14 years and passionate about supporting our industry and giving back to our professional and local communities. Recently moving from Adelaide to Brisbane I am learning about the unique Queensland natural environment, water industry and state economy, of which water is a very important part. I'm very keen to contribute to the prosperity of Queensland, its natural environments and its people in any way I can.

With a deep understanding of manufacturing and construction practices, environmental stewardship and resource efficiency and one that shares strongly in practice and belief AWA's values, I would like to nominate myself for a place on the AWA QLD Branch Committee.
With over 5 years working in a broad range of environmental and sustainability programs from strategic to program implementation on governance through to procurement. I bring a systems approach that can positively contribute to critical elements of AWA's 10-year aspirational plan and successfully delivering this into our local Queensland region. I bring my expertise in waste reduction in the industry, emissions and energy efficiency in large scale manufacturing of water related products that are critical to clean and reliable water services and much more. I am passionate about the work I do and constantly learning and working hard to add value to traditional business practice that grows better environmental outcomes for the water industry.
Hello fellow AWA members! For the past four years, I served on the QLD Committee as Regional Liaison, helping to grow regional engagement across the state, specifically through the North Queensland conference and regional technical events. With a background in water and wastewater engineering, I serve as a non-executive independent director at the Mount Isa Water Board, an independent member on the Wide Bay Water and Waste Advisory Committee and I work for Double Black Diamond Solutions, a regionally based consulting firm.
Originally from Canada, I have a diverse international background working with and leading multicultural teams in challenging environments. I am an active Committee member with a strong attendance record, and I am not afraid to roll up my sleeves and get to work. I would like to lend my support in making sure AWA engagements are relevant and valuable for our membership. I am eager for the opportunity to continue to connect, leveraging my network of water industry professionals from all ages, disciplines, and locations.
I am currently very privileged to be the Chair of the AWA Queensland YWP Subcommittee. My involvement in this committee over the past four years has been immensely fulfilling, allowing me to contribute to an association that has been instrumental in my professional development and support the next generation of water leaders which I will continue to do if elected to the committee. I have been an active member of the water industry for more than 15 years, currently in the role of Sustainable Solutions Lead for Logan Water with a primary focus on the circular economy. Our industry excels in its depth of knowledge, thrives on collaboration, and embodies innovation in problem-solving. AWA plays a pivotal role in this network by sharing knowledge with our members, connecting people within the industry but also with industries beyond our own, and inspiring change. As a Queensland Committee member, my objective would be to cultivate an environment that encourages regular opportunities for connection between members and anyone interested in water and to look for new ways to deliver value to AWA members. My aspiration is to give back to the water industry, and to this end, I consistently support and participate in AWA events and conferences, enjoying the opportunity to connect with peers and learn more about our amazing industry. It would be a privilege to continue serving AWA in Queensland by being elected to the Branch Committee.
I am honoured to submit my nomination for a committee position within the AWA Queensland Branch, driven by an unwavering commitment to member and community engagement as well as environmental and community sustainability. I appreciate it's not just about the water; it's about the people, the planet, and our shared future.
I’m a strong believer in the power of connection. Our association is more than a gathering of individuals - it's a force for positive change. I am dedicated to ensuring that every member feels valued, heard, and empowered to contribute meaningfully to our industry and in turn our communities.
I’m eager to champion AWAs vision of water isn't just a resource - it's life, a source of resilience and vitality for our communities. I hope to be a part of a committee that’s dedicated to broadening the vision of a water future where communities are sustainable and resilient through weaving together the individual passion and community needs, increasing awareness and moving the conversation forward.
I believe in taking a holistic approach that considers the needs of people, planet, and prosperity. By championing initiatives that promote efficiency, equity, and environmental stewardship, I aim to contribute to AWA paving the way for a more sustainable water future through local awareness and partnerships.
I am humbled by the opportunity to serve our association in any capacity. Together I hope we can be a part of guiding our industry on a journey to create a brighter and sustainable future for us all.
I have been actively contributing in the Queensland YWP and Branch committees for the last 14.5 years. Through this period, I have performed a number of formal roles including chairing the national YWP taskforce and being the Queensland Branch President and currently chair the Independent Assessment Panel (a subcommittee of the National Board's Membership Experience Committee).
I have found the diversity of roles I have performed throughout my nearly 25 year career in the water industry, and particularly my independence across a variety of market segments in the last 8 years, enables me to advocate for a broad cross section of the industry and ensure a balanced offering from the Association.
I continue to be energised by the Branch Committee through the support and mentoring of the Young Water Professionals subcommittee and my involvement in the awards program and Queensland’s Branch conferences. I endeavour to advance the role of the young water professionals subcommittee within Association activities at every chance and act as a Branch liaison in YWP Subcommittee meetings to ensure I can further this. Additionally, I find that enabling both, the sharing of knowledge to advance the industry and peer to peer connections that abound at our conferences is just as rewarding as celebrating the great work we do as an industry.
I am grateful for the opportunities that have been afforded me while I have been an active part of the Association, thank you for the support you have shown me to date and I hope that I can count on your maintained support to continue my involvement in the Queensland Branch committee for another 2 year term.
I’m a water policy and strategy adviser passionate about influencing sustainable water management outcomes through strategic, collaborative and inclusive processes and advice. My background is in sustainability, natural resources, and water management.
As a member of team of water policy, planning and reform specialists at Aither, I support and manage significant project work with governments, water businesses and industry across Australia. I have contributed to and supported state and nationally significant water management review processes, implementation of water management and institutional reforms and developed sustainable water management strategies.
Having recently relocated to Brisbane, and I am keen to connect with other AWA members and stakeholders to learn more about water management issues and solutions and contribute to sustainable water management in Queensland. My professional focus and experience in rural water policy and strategy provide a complementary perspective on sustainable water management to existing Branch Committee members and organisations.
I have been a member of the Qld branch committee since 2022 and have thoroughly enjoyed supporting and sharing knowledge, experiences and connecting people across the water industry. I would love to be given the opportunity to continue to volunteer and support the development of the Qld water sector.
With over a decade of experience in business development, partnership strategy, stakeholder relations, carbon markets, digital transformation, resilience and the water-waste-energy nexus in Australia and overseas, I've dived into the realms of sustainability. But my commitment to environmental stewardship doesn't stop there – in my spare time, when I’m not camping or rock climbing, I wander around my veggie garden and worm farm, cultivating goodness from the ground up!
Five years ago, I relocated from France to Brisbane and became an active member of AWA, immersing myself in the incredible knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities this community offers. For a couple of years, I was also a proud member of the QLD Young Water Professionals Subcommittee and National Taskforce, and I am now ready to onboard the QLD Branch to keep learning and contributing to our booming water industry.
Coming from a French and Spanish background, I started my career with Veolia in Europe, Latin America, the US and Australia. After that, I joined Corporate Carbon, a consultancy for a couple years to understand better the world of ACCUS and Net Zero strategies. In my current role at John Holland, I keep developing relationships with water utilities, partners and peers across the water sector to support the planning and delivery of critical infrastructure.
With the coming decade of once-in-a-lifetime water projects coming our way, I look forward to collaborating with AWA’s members and bringing my diverse background, perspectives, network and passion to help the water industry exchange, learn and grow together.

I am excited to nominate for the position of Branch Committee Member for the QLD Branch of AWA.

With an extensive career including 4 years in the Water Industry, this past year as a Business Development Manager in Municipal and Construction at Xylem. My role at Xylem has provided me with the opportunity to engage extensively with the AWA and hold such events in the highest regard. I attend whenever physically possible, resulting in my participation in nearly all events over the past 12 months.

My dedication to the Water Industry is well-recognized by my peers and professional network. I’m known for my proactive approach to connecting, aiming to inspire positive change within the community. I am committed to addressing key industry challenges, particularly in sustainable water management practices and tackling skill shortages. These areas of focus are often at the heart of my innovative idea generation, much of which is sparked at AWA events.

Serving as a Branch Committee Member for QLD would place me at the forefront of industry advancements, enabling me to further share, engage, and contribute to the development of innovative solutions. My passion and diverse perspective will allow me to support and influence the strategic direction of the AWA QLD Branch, driving growth and success.

If selected, I am confident my strong work ethic and commitment will create a significant impact. I am dedicated to fostering long-term value for the organization, its members, and the industry at large through strengthened relationships and innovative initiatives.

I have reached a stage in my career where I feel as though I have the time and experience to provide something back to the broader water industry. I am active in the regional collaboration ventures promoted through QWRAP, and was for the past two years the Chairperson of the Whitsunday Isaac Mackay (WIM) Alliance. I am a mentor on the AWA Queensland Mentoring Program and see my participation on the QLD Branch Committee as another opportunity to actively contribute to the health of the Australian water industry as a whole.

I have been a committee member of the Water Quality Specialist Network and have come to realise that remote, rural and northern Australian water utilities often have different challenges to the southern counterparts. I would like to be able to assist these utilities and communities through the Queensland Branch and to promote everything that AWA can offer

I wish to nominate myself as a committee member for the AWA QLD Branch Committee.
Throughout my 24-year Civil Engineering career, I've been passionate in delivering projects in the water industry. Joining Sunwater in early 2022 has allowed me to further my water industry experience, this time from an owner’s perspective.
I thoroughly enjoyed presenting the Rookwood Weir Lessons Learned paper at the 2023 NQ Water conference last year. This presentation was well received by industry and won ‘best paper’ at NQ Water and has allowed me to connect with water professionals in the industry who share a similar purpose.
The Australian Water Association represents a collection of professionals who connected by water who share knowledge and inspire positive change. By being a Branch Committee member, I would like the opportunity not only to be involved in, but to influence the future of the water industry for Australia.

I am an active member of the current Queensland Branch Committee and am excited to continue supporting the important work of this dedicated group of professionals. I have contributed to the Regional and Member Engagement Subcommittees, bringing my industry experience as both a manufacturer and service provider to provide a unique and valuable perspective to the Committee.


Queensland Young Water Professionals Subcommittee Nominees

During my tenure at NBF, I actively engaged in various roles and responsibilities. I was an active member of the EMCR group, served as a first aid officer for my floor, and volunteered regularly to organise events. Currently, I am pursuing an MPhil in Chemical Engineering, aiming to transition into the wastewater treatment field. My passion lies in biological water treatment, and I collaborate with talented individuals who specialise in Enhanced Biological Removal (EBPR), biopolymer production, and metabolic modelling. I actively engage in data analytics and firmly believe in its role in fostering a sustainable and renewable water economy.
As a committee member, I am eager to contribute my passion and ideas while gaining insights into the broader trajectory of the water industry. The Young Water Professionals committee, comprised of dedicated and diverse professionals, shares a unified goal to inspire future industry leaders and enhance our understanding of Queensland’s water sector, fostering informed decision-making that benefits society. It would be an honour to contribute as a member of this committee.

I'm taking steps to become more active in the volunteering space in the water sector. I have always enjoyed volunteering outside of work but thought it would be worthwhile to now specialise! I have over two years of experience volunteering for the Urban Utilities YWP committee, plus I volunteer as a women in STEM advisor to high school girls through UNIQ You. I have previously been president, treasurer and umpire coordinator through my local netball association over the last 10 years. I am extremely organised, driven, efficient and passionate. I look forward to your consideration!

I would like to express my interest in joining the YWP subcommittee. I was informed of this opportunity by my colleague Jonathan Jo. After having a chat with him, I believe that it's a great chance for me to connect with other young professionals with similar interests and contribute to the water industry. A bit about myself, I have been working in Veolia Water Operations as a process engineer in Brisbane for 1.5 years. My background is in chemical engineering, and I hope that I will be able assist with the subcommittee by providing a different and interesting perspective based on my experience as an on-site engineer. I became a member of AWA at the start of this year, and I am very excited to learn a bit more about this industry.
As a fresh face to the water sector, I am thrilled to nominate myself for a position within the Young Water Professionals Subcommittee at AWA. With a diverse background and current functional role as Project Director for the Cairns Water Security Stage 1 Project, I bring a unique perspective fuelled by a relentless drive to innovate and contribute meaningfully to the industry.
While relatively new to the world of water, my role as a Project Director has instilled in me a deep appreciation for the critical importance of the water sector. I am keen to leverage my skills in project management, strategic planning, and team leadership to tackle the challenges facing our water resources head-on.
Joining the Young Water Professionals Subcommittee presents an invaluable opportunity for me to immerse myself in the sector, learn from seasoned professionals, and actively participate in shaping the future of the water sector. I am eager to collaborate with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and drive initiatives that promote innovation, efficiency, and sustainable stewardship.
With a passion for making a positive impact and a commitment to lifelong learning, I am ready to dive into this exciting journey with AWA and contribute my passion and interest to the water sector.
I am honoured to put forth my own nomination for the QLD Young Water Professionals (YWP) Subcommittee. My passion lies in applying water-sensitive urban design principles to create sustainable solutions for our communities. Throughout my career, I have completed detailed designs for the construction and remediation of several natural stormwater quality treatment systems.
My work extends beyond design. I have successfully completed integrated water management assessments and developed alternative water supply strategies for various clients. Whether at site-based or regional scales, I am committed to finding innovative ways to address water challenges.
I take pride in my involvement in hydrologic and hydraulic modelling for urban and rural catchments. These complex tasks have allowed me to contribute significantly to bespoke developments. By challenging industry norms, I strive to create better cities for people to live in, emphasizing the importance of safety and sustainable practices.
In addition to my technical expertise, I have actively engaged with industry committees in the areas of advocacy and events. My enthusiasm for the water sector has led me to travel, attend conferences, and present my professional insights and experiences from projects.
In summary, my dedication, expertise, and vision align perfectly with the goals of the QLD YWP Subcommittee. I am excited about the opportunity to continue driving positive change in the water sector.
I am eager to bring over seven years of dedicated experience in the water treatment industry to the AWA QLD YWP Subcommittee. Holding an Honours Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering, I have honed my expertise in engineering design, automation, project management, and plant optimization. My current role at TRILITY involves managing projects and providing engineering support across two plants that supply all potable water to the city of Townsville. This role underscores my commitment to ensuring sustainable and efficient water treatment solutions.
Passionate about the dynamic field of water treatment, I thrive on designing innovative solutions that balance technology, treatment needs, and budgetary considerations. Drawing on my extensive experience, I aim to contribute meaningful insights into the evolving landscape of water treatment technology and environmental considerations from a young professional's perspective. Joining the AWA QLD YWP Subcommittee would enable me to share my knowledge and perspectives to enhance our collective understanding and practice in this crucial sector.

A young individual always emphasising on providing the sustainable and environmental solutions to complex problems. Using the AWA platform, spreading the message of water recycling and role of water in life.

I am excited to nominate myself for the Australian Water Association Young Water Professional Committee for Queensland. I am a dedicated water chemist with a deep interest in providing safe water to the community through contaminant removal, and I am happy to contribute my experience to this great group of water specialists.
With my background in the removal of per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from waters using nanofiltration membranes, I have gained an understanding of the ever-changing challenges in the water industry through emerging contaminants. My experience in multiple project collaborations between water industry partners and the university has helped create a wide range of insights and expertise ranging from wastewater to drinking water treatment and how to address problems effectively.
As the water sector holds very high importance in communities around the world and future challenges like sufficient water supply and sanitation will remain, I am very excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with other water professionals in addressing current and future water issues by sharing our expertise.
In addition to my technical skills, I have the ability to work great in multi-disciplinary teams to achieve a shared goal. I am excited about learning about new aspects and perspectives from different areas in the water industry through actively participating in the committee.
I am eager to contribute my energy, skill, and expertise to support the Australian Water Association committee and share my excitement about water with the new generation of young water professionals. Thank you for considering my nomination.

I am a mechanical engineer with seven years of experience in the water industry. I have actively participated in YWP (Young Water Professionals) events in the past, which has helped me develop personally and build valuable networks. Now, I would like to assist emerging professionals by providing them with a platform to learn from industry leaders and build networks. I aspire to be part of the organizing team, contributing to workshops, information sessions, and networking events. I thoroughly enjoy connecting with fellow young professionals, industry leaders, and collaborating with individuals to create impactful events.

I’m a passionate water professional who specialises in mechanical engineering, and I’m excited about the chance of becoming an active member to the AWA YWP subcommittee.

As a proud Indigenous Australian, my goal is to increase Indigenous engagement within the AWA and across the broader water industry. I aim to inspire the next generation of Indigenous people so that they can feel empowered to make a direct impact in their own community, whether that be through career opportunities in water, water literacy, or being able to have a voice on water projects as a knowledge holder or key stakeholder. I believe that my contribution to AWA will help drive positive change by increasing Indigenous engagement, which is a key focus area of Strategy ’25 in the ‘share, connect, inspire’ statement.

I love collaborating with people who are driven to deliver better outcomes for the water industry and attract more people to work in this important sector. I believe great things can be achieved when we share knowledge as a group of diverse but like-minded individuals. Thank you for considering my nomination.

I am writing to nominate myself, Thomas Rowan, for consideration of the Young Water Professionals in recognition of my dedicated efforts towards water conservation and environmental sustainability.
My passion for water and the environment has been the driving force behind my work, and I have dedicated myself to implementing smarter systems and infrastructure to reduce water loss and promote sustainability. Through my endeavours, I have consistently sought out innovative solutions to address the challenges facing our planet's water resources.
Over the years, I have had the privilege of spearheading numerous initiatives aimed at optimizing water management practices. By leveraging technology, data analysis, and stakeholder collaboration, I have successfully implemented strategies to minimize water waste and enhance efficiency in resource utilization.
Furthermore, my commitment to sharing knowledge, engaging with stakeholders, and fostering partnerships has allowed me to amplify the impact of my work and inspire others to join the cause of environmental stewardship.
In light of my dedication, innovative approach, and tangible contributions to water conservation and environmental sustainability, I respectfully submit my nomination for your consideration.
Thank you for the opportunity to be considered.
I am thrilled to put forward my nomination for the AWA YWP committee. During my two and a half years navigating through the complexities of the water industry as a young professional, AWA has provided me with the resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to enable a steady beginning of my professional career. I have had the privilege of attending many AWA events and initiatives. A couple of my proudest moments are winning The Amazing Race with my team and speaking at QWater. My involvement in AWA events has provided me with invaluable insights into the diverse perspectives within our water community. I am committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment to allow the continuous thriving of this community through more collaboration and knowledge sharing.
I am also deeply passionate about the water sector as it is a globally relevant and critical industry. Water, being at the forefront of solutions to climate change and energy conservation, has the power to connect people from different backgrounds and beliefs. As a water professional, I am proud to be making an impact on communities, improving quality of life, and fostering economic development. I wish to join the committee so that my passion can be shared among like-minded people, and I could contribute to inspiring more positive changes in the industry.
Thank you for considering my nomination. I look forward to becoming part of the collective effort aimed at building a sustainable future for water.