WA Mentoring Program 2020/2021

WA Mentoring Program 2020/2021
Ever wished you had someone to talk to about your career? Or keen to make a difference to an up-and-coming water professional whilst developing your coaching & leadership skills? Then sign up to our 2020/2021 mentoring program - Applications close 31 May 2020!

In this facilitated program, you will meet other water industry mentors/mentees at the launch event (details TBC) and then will be paired up with a mentor/mentee. You will be guided throughout the program to get the most out of your relationship.

Why mentoring? 
Mentoring has been identified as an important influence in professional development and as an effective way to develop skills via the transfer of knowledge from an experienced professional to a less experienced professional. 

How does the mentoring program help? 
The AWA mentoring program is a great opportunity for people in the water industry to gain advice and develop new relationships and skills from industry leaders outside their current organisation. On the flip side, this program offers more experienced staff the chance to develop skills in coaching and inspiring professionals from across the water industry, while taking the opportunity to develop new relationships within the water industry. 

How does the mentoring program work? 
1. Register for the program by 31 May 2020 (complete the Mentoring Program Application Form via the link below). You will be asked to answer a few questions for us to help understand how best the program can help you. This information will be shared with mentors/mentees to assist in the matching process. Please ensure you do not include any sensitive career information that you do not wish to have shared. Incomplete application will inhibit the matching process.  

2. Mentees pay for the program via the Program Payment link below. 

3. Once the application period closes, mentor and mentee profiles will be emailed to participants together with a preference survey. You will need to review the profiles and select your preferences so that the matching process can take place to ensure each mentor/mentee will be matched appropriatley.  

4. Mentee and mentor pairs will agree on how often you will meet and be in contact. The AWA will send out information on occasion to help spark discussion points or ideas. The program runs for one year but your relationship doesn’t have to end there - some mentoring relationships last a lifetime! 

Do you need any special training to be a mentor? 
No, you just need to be an experienced water professional willing to provide guidance and leadership to an assigned mentee. The AWA will provide the introductory session, complete the matching process, and somebody to speak to should you need to. 

Mentors and mentees can take time to click at first, however, working together to create open and reciprocal channels of communication can ultimately result in a fulfilling experience for both - you can read about one of our mentoring relationships here - Luc and Sharna

For more information about the mentee and mentor roles please download our information guides -

How much does the program cost? 

Mentees: $35 
Mentors: Free
Mentees of the AWA Mentoring Program must be AWA Professional or Students Members. If you are not an AWA member and would like to join the association or find out more information visit the
online membership webpage.  


Applications close 31 May 2020. 
If you have any queries regarding the Mentoring Program please contact our WA Mentoring Program Coordinator, Chenoa Lange via email chenoalange@gmail.com or tel 0458 425 489. 

If you have any queries regarding membership, payment or the launch event please contact Kyllie Whitehead, WA Branch Manager email 
wabranch@awa.asn.au or call 0448 146 222.  
23/06/2020 - 23/06/2020
Perth, WA

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