VIC Volunteering Activity - Sunday 23 June '19

VIC Volunteering Activity - Sunday 23 June '19
Help us continue our important work on the habitat for the rare Skipper Butterfly only found in the Altona region.

Join the AWA VIC branch and young water professional committee members for a planting working bee and bring all your friends and family - spread the word! After some physical work we'll all put our shovels down to enjoy a delicious BBQ - free for all volunteers!

Many hands make light work!

Sunday 23 June
10am - 2pm (including BBQ lunch for all volunteers)

What to bring: 
Gardening gloves, water, sturdy boots, high-visibility vest (if you have one), long pants, long sleeves, hat and water-proof coat and lots of energy!

About the project - Altona skipper butterfly
“Habitat stepping stones”

The Altona skipper butterfly is a rare butterfly that lives only in Altona and breeds, feeds, lives and dies only one species of plant, Gahnia filum, the chaffy saw-sedge.

To help this butterfly survive we’re expanding the area of chaffy saw-sedge and planting dense little islands or “stepping stones” of this plant between the existing populations of skipper butterfly so these isolated populations of butterflies can interbreed and move around the landscape. We have been involved in this project for a few years now which is very exciting as it means all our labour is not going to waste; we allocate some of the funding to a contractor who makes sure the area is well looked after in between our planting days!

his year’s project is to plant 500 chaffy saw-sedge just west of Millers Road along Kororoit Creek in Altona, as a vital link between the butterfly population in “The Pines”, in Seaholme and another population next to Cherry Lake. We’ll be planting the saw-sedge, installing tree guards, mulching around the plants and watering. It’s a very slow-growing plant so it will take years for the results to show, but fortunately we have two we prepared earlier – a successful 2015 planting 50 metres away and last years planting adjacent – to inspire you.

This important work is being made possible thanks to a grant AWA VIC secured through Melbourne Water’s 
Community Grants Program.

Please do not hesitate to contact, YWP Chair, for any further information. To register; simply email

Thanks for the support on behalf of the butterflies and AWA VIC Branch!

Venue/location:              Kororoit Creek, Altona

How to get there:            Search in Google Maps 76 Millers Road, Seaholme VIC 3018  
Refer to the map below

There is plenty of parking at the site, on the Millers Rd verge. If you’re coming from the freeway you will need to do a u-turn 200m past the site, come back and drive over the kerb. If you don’t want to do that there is street parking opposite, in the service lane next to 62-76 Millers Rd. Toilets are 600m away on the south side of Cherry Lake.

23/06/2019 10:00 AM - 23/06/2019 2:00 PM

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