VIC Catchment Management Seminar - 22 March 2017

VIC Catchment Management Seminar - 22 March 2017
Objective: Building understanding between land managers, catchment management authorities and water corporations on how catchment management delivers water quality benefits.

The Australian Water Association Victorian Branch with input from the Catchment Management Specialist Network have
organised this seminar to build linkages between all parties with responsibilities for improving catchment management. Many agencies undertake proactive management strategies to improve the quality of catchments but are there ways to achieve efficiency of effort and still achieve the desired outcome?

Our aim is to promote cooperation between natural resource managers and water corporations to identify and achieve common goals of improved water quality and catchment sustainability. The aim of this seminar is to link managers of natural resources with managers of water supply systems to establish networks of communication and to identify mutually synergistic goals and actions for the benefit of catchments.

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Who should

All stakeholders involved in the management of catchments are encouraged to attend:
  • Natural resource managers, land and water managers
  • Regulators of health and environment
  • Commonwealth, state and local government staff, consultants
  • Water industry professionals/technicians


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22/03/2017 - 22/03/2017
Rendezvous Hotel

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