WA Best of Ozwater'16 - Water for Liveable Communities and Sustainable Industries

25 May 2016, Perth

The Best of Ozwater'16 in Perth was held in late May, bringing together some of Perth’s most outstanding contributions to the national Ozwater'16 conference held in Melbourne a few weeks earlier. The evening featured a keynote presentation, three technical presentations, a panel discussion and a wine tasting networking event.

Josh Byrne (Josh Byrne and Associates) presented a fantastic keynote on the role of innovation in delivering liveable cities and sustainable industries. He focussed on design and delivery through partnerships, urban water management, solar power generation, landscape design and performance monitoring. 

The technical presentations were full of topical, technical innovation and featured: Luc Kox (Blue Horizon Solutions), who gave an overview of sludge recycling at wastewater treatment plants; Mark Newland (Downer), who covered innovations in wastewater and water treatment plants; and Max Green (Water Corporation), who talked about system capability forecasting. 

The panel discussion that followed tested the speakers with questions on liveability, water reuse, water pricing and barriers to innovation and water sensitivity within the context of Perth and Western Australia. Questions from the audience further challenged the speakers, with excellent responses under pressure!

The wine tasting networking event capped off the evening, with an entertaining session by Ben Thomas (Vine Collective). All the guests were invited to sample different WA wines, play a wine quiz, and respond to various questions about the water industry. 

The evening had an excellent turn-out and contained a mix of technical, non-technical and entertaining that appealed to a range of interests. I would like to send a big thank you to the speakers, guests and the AWA WA Professional Development Sub-Committee who made the event a great success. 

WA Best of Ozwater'16 - Attendees  WA Best of Ozwater'16 - Attendees