Catchment Management Specialist Network

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9 July 2019
Recreational management theory can help utilities protect reservoirs         

SA Landscape News
22 October 2018
SA Government planning to scrap Natural Resources Management Act                             

Australian Waterway News
8 October 2018
Could carp herpes help native fish reclaim Australian waterways?                                     

25 June 2018
North Queensland council trials new technology for catchment health                            

19 June 2018
Canberra catchments set to flourish with water in mind for landscapes                            

18 July 2016
Evaluating the suitability of water quality indices for the health of urban waterways       

5 June 2018
Sewer odour and corrosion mitigation - Podcast by Kara Mueller                                     

Technical Paper
18 August 2017
Better practice catchment water quality planning for Australia