Channeling Change

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The Australian Water Association has launched the Channeling Change Program in collaboration with the Australian Water Partnership and has conducted a series of interviews with inspiring champions and beneficiaries of diversity.


Jonathan McKeown (AWA)

Australian Water Association Chief Executive, Jonathan McKeown, speaks about the Association’s Channeling Change program, what it aims to highlight and how we’ve introduced it to the Asia Pacific region through our work in Vietnam.

Christina Tonkin (ANZ)

Christina Tonkin, Managing Director, Loans & Specialised Finance Institutional, ANZ Bank also talks about how important it is for senior management to lead by example with diversity policies so all employees don’t feel ‘guilty’ to utilise them.

Andrew Spinks (Jacobs)

Andrew Spinks, Director of Operations: Water, Environment & Spatial – Eastern, Jacobs, shares his thoughts on how change has been glacial in embracing gender diversity but, for change to occur, people need to be prepared to come along on the journey or risk getting left behind.

Matthew Renshaw (AECOM)

AECOM’s Team Leader – Water, NSW & ACT, Matthew Renshaw speaks with Ellen Fanning about how AECOM are opening up discussions around reducing the gender pay gap as well as backing up the talk with putting in place programs, policies and funds to address this issue.

Kate Dryden (Veolia)

Kate Dryden, Executive General Manager Growth from Veolia Australia & New Zealand speaks about Veolia’s work on diversity, and how they are tackling it on multiple fronts to become a more inclusive workplace across gender, indigenous background and age.

Angela Tsoukatos (Sydney Water)

Angela Tsoukatos, Sydney Water's General Manager, People and Corporate Services opens the Australian Water Association NSW Diversity & Inclusion Seminar which was held on 20 September 2017.

Clare Porter (Sydney Water)

Clare Porter from Sydney Water talks about the Australian Water Association Channeling Change Program.

Tayo Adepoyibi (Seqwater)

Seqwater’s Tayo Adepoyibi speaks about the work they’re doing to involve indigenous voices in all areas where they work and the different programs they have in place.