VIC Branch Committee

Welcome to the Victorian Branch of the Australian Water Association!

In Victoria we are very fortunate to have a very enthusiastic and active Branch Committee. The VIC Branch consists of experienced professionals from the Victorian water industry at the main branch level and a Young Water Professional Sub-Committee, each responsible for a tailored program whilst joining forces to reach all Victorian members through information sharing, providing platforms for networking and recognising substantial contributions to the water sector. 
The new 2019-20 Victorian Branch and YWP Sub-Committees were elected in June 2019. After an inspiring and productive workshop session, our new committee members are excited to organise future events for our Victorian water professionals.

Branch Committee

Branch President: David Kirby
Tim Anderson
Matthew Bismark
Lindsey Brown
Andrew Chapman
Chris French
Amy Gason
Meredith Gibbs
Amanda Hazell
Mohammad Helmy
Deepika Jaduram
Bridget McDowall
John Poon
Russell Reichstein
Amber Robinson
Natasha Sertori
Kirsten Shelly
Aprilia Vellacott

Young Water Professionals Sub-Committee

Chair: Celeste Ward
Georgina Catto-Smith
Alex Chesterfield
Alice Drummond
Robbie Frawley
Dr Casey Furlong
Mark Gibbins
Alice Greco
Emma Hodgson
Tansy Huang
Jamilla Hull
Tessa Laing
Jacob Meehan
Emma Milburn
Sam Skinner
Amy Syvrud
Matthew Willox

Thank you to our 2018-19 Committee Members for your contribution, dedication and enthusiasm over the past year.

VIC Branch Committee
VIC YWP Sub-Committee