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VIC Technical Event - Planetary Boundaries

Icon of a calendar 25 Aug, 2022 - 25 Aug, 2022 | Small clock icon 5:30pm - 8.00pm | Icon of a map pin Arup, Sky Park, 1 Melbourne Quarter, 699 Collins Street, Docklands

Stop pushing the - Planetary - Boundaries!  The next challenge for water sustainability

As the water industry we have a strong grasp of the impact of climate change on water. The industry has started taking action to mitigate and adapt to climate change.  But what's beyond climate change?

The Planetary Boundaries Framework characterises the limits of acceptable alternation to nine key earth systems that intersect strongly with water: biosphere integrity, climate change, ocean acidification, freshwater use, atmospheric aerosol loading, the introduction of novel entities, biogeochemical flows, land system change, and stratospheric ozone depletion. The world is exceeding most of these boundaries.  

Water professionals are in a unique position to address the risks associated with crossing Planetary Boundary thresholds. The planning, design and construction choices that are made today can actively push the planet towards - or pull it away from - more unpredictable systems outcomes. Water projects and their long-term impacts affect the lives, behaviours and activities of all life on earth. If projects are re-thought, re-considered, retrofitted and created to minimise impact on the natural environment, the benefits will be felt for centuries to come. 

 In this session, we will hear from a panel of varying perspectives on:  

  • The impact of Planetary Boundaries on water 
  • How we can learn from the inherently sustainable First Nations' water and land management practices
  • What the water industry is already doing 
  • Reframing how we look at existing systems and value projects 
  • Decision-making for the future 

Topics & Speakers

An Introduction to the Planetary Boundaries and Water
Celeste Morgan, Australasia Integrated Water Management Lead, Arup 

Learning from the past for a better future
Uncle Dave Wandin, Wurundjeri Elder & Chairperson on the Board for the Wandoon Estate Aboriginal Corporation 

Taking practical action on nitrogen in the bay
Catherine Rees, Sewage and Waste Treatment Research Manager, Melbourne Water

Rethinking economic value
Ben Mason, Economist, Frontier Economics

A regenerative future for Melbourne
Kaj Lofgren, Strategy and Policy Lead, Regen Melbourne

Chairperson Priyani Madan, Senior Water Resources Engineer, Arup


Following the session, there will be drinks and delicious canapes featuring indigenous ingredients. This networking event will be catered by Mabu Mabu, a Torres Strait-owned and run hospitality and food business that celebrates the fantastic Indigenous produce and flavours from across this big Island now known as Australia. Through their cookbook, retail products, and venues; Big Esso at Federation Square and Tuckshop in Yarraville, they are on a mission to get native herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, and sustainable meats in every Australian kitchen pantry.

Event Details

Date Thursday 25 August  2022
Time 5.30pm - 8.00pm 
Venue Arup Offices, Docklands Melbourne

Sky Park, 1 Melbourne Quarter, 699 Collins Street, Docklands

Registration Costs

Members - in person $45
Non Members - in person $65
Young Water Professionals - in person $25
Student/Concession - in person $25

 Want to know more about Planetary Boundaries?
 The planetary boundaries signify the Earth’s capacity to tolerate change and set out the science-based limits that must not be surpassed if the Earth is to remain hospitable for future generations. 

This timely report explores how we can design the built environment within the ‘safety rails’ established by the Stockholm Resilience Centre’s Planetary Boundary Framework. It sets out 20 regenerative actions to help us achieve sustainable development within these limits, whilst restoring natural systems.


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Any queries relating to this event can be directed to:  
Jo Pincus, Member Engagement Manager - Victoria
Email | Tel 02 9467 8416

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