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Resources > Latest News > Young water professionals take a tour of the new quakers hill recycled water demonstration plant

Young Water Professionals take a tour of the new Quakers Hill Recycled Water Demonstration Plant

The NSW YWP Committee organised a tour of the Quakers Hill Purified Recycled Water Demonstration Plant on 18th March 2024. The event garnered strong interest from right across the water industry and was a huge success!

A first of its kind in NSW, the tour introduced the attendees to one of the options being explored by Sydney Water to ensure the water security of the greater Sydney Region. Guided by the amazing Lauren and Romy – very passionate Sydney Water Community Education Officers – we learnt a great deal of everything from the history of water supply in Sydney, the current situation, the rationale behind trialling this new technology, right down to the nitty-gritty of how this technology works and would work.

The standout was definitely the chance to get up close with the scaled version of a potential PRW Plant itself. The opportunity to meet and interact with other passionate water professionals was also a highlight of the tour. Finally, a huge thank you also to the attendees who made the event memorable, majority of whom had to traverse through Sydney on a Monday afternoon. See you all at the next YWP event!