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Uniting for Climate-Resilient Water Solutions Across Our Region

With climate change posing a formidable threat to our ecosystems, the need for collective action in the water sector has never been more urgent. 

As Scravin Tongi, Chief Operating Officer of Solomon Water and AWA International Program Partner puts it, "Climate change is a global phenomenon. For us to address it, we need to be united."  

This intent is at the heart of AWA’s Partnerships for a Resilient and Climate Smart Water Sector, which aims to fortify our regional water sectors against the impacts of a rapidly changing climate. 

Showcasing the importance of collaboration and partnership to achieve these goals, this new AWA video invites viewers to dive into action alongside our partners in Southeast Asia and the Pacific. Shot in six locations across the Solomon Islands, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Tonga, the video captures how international partnerships are responding to the challenges posed by climate change.

Whether you are an individual or part of an organisation, supporting our international programs improves flexibility, responsiveness, and teamwork. To find out more, come along on Day 2 of Ozwater'24 👉 Click Here

Hear water professionals from Southeast Asia, the Pacific and Australia share how they are working together to address the challenges that we are facing and ensure access to clean water for future generations.  

The Partnerships for a Resilient and Climate Smart Water Sector is made possible with the support of the Australian Government via the Australian Water Partnership.