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New water technology merges IoT with irrigation

Farmers are now able to operate irrigation pivots more efficiently and sustainably with a new bit of water technology: a cloud-based Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) mobile control system.

Schneider Electric, in collaboration with WaterForce, have announced the release of a new water technology that allows farmers to monitor and control irrigation pumps and pivots from their computer or smartphone.

WaterForce Director Ron McFetridge said the new technology is unique due to its ability to work with existing agricultural equipment such as irrigation and pump controllers, which saves time and money.

“Most farms are not built to handle large software installations,” McFetridge said.

“Using a lightweight cloud solution with mobile capabilities has been key to expanding IoT capabilities to these farms.”

Schneider Electric Vice President of Information, Operations and Asset Management Rob McGreevy said the technology is not only simple and effective, but also helps farmers reduce water use while irrigating crops.

“By 2050 we will need 55% more water to nourish the growing demand for food, so efficient irrigation is critical,” McGreevy said.

“We believe driving operational improvements and efficiencies at these farms is a key component to sustainably feeding the planet.”

McGreevy said Schneider Electric’s software, EcoStruxure, helps integrate all the elements required to help farmers manage their irrigation requirements more easily.

“EcoStruxure simplifies the integration between the connected products, edge control, and apps and analytics, to provide an innovative solution that responds to the specific needs of these farmers,” he said.