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New bacteria-based water treatment innovation set to support developing world

Hopes are high that a new bacteria-driven wastewater treatment process could be an enormous hand up for the developing countries.

A new biological wastewater treatment pipe could prove revolutionary in communities across Asia and Africa, according to Metito Managing Director Fady Juez.

The product is made of lego-like PVC modules, which can be put together quickly. The bigger the system requirements, the more modules are added.

“Biopipe is an intelligent wastewater treatment solution that can be easily installed in a house as well as integrated into a plant to service an entire city,” Juez said.

The system uses pipes filled with special bacteria, which resembles that which lives on pebbles in rivers or streams.

Wastewater circulates through the inoculated pipes before going through a cartridge filter and a UV filter.

Biopipe Co-CEO Enver Misirli said the design was based on natural processes.

“The success of Biopipe has really been down to the vision we had of creating a wastewater treatment system that is inspired by nature and that can have a positive impact on the world,” Misirli said.

Biopipe takes four hours to produce recycled water, which can be used directly for organic farming, irrigation, underground aquifer injection or safe discharge into lakes, rivers or the sea.

The system includes a control module, grinders to shred solid waste and a tank for storage of non-degradable materials.

“The Biopipe wastewater treatment system really is a game changer,” Juez said.

“In an era when the world is looking to enhance water security and sustainability, enabling individuals to manage and treat their wastewater at an affordable cost is critical to widening the awareness of looking after our resources.”

“Unlike other traditional wastewater systems, Biopipe produces no sludge, no odour, no sound, and no waste, making it one of the most eco-friendly wastewater treatment processes in the world today,” Metito stated.

The provider of water management solutions in emerging markets has just signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Biopipe that will allow Metito to distribute the product across Asia and Africa.