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Australia’s youth developing global clean water solutions

With four very promising projects in the running, the winner of the Australian Stockholm Junior Water prize, sponsored by Xylem will be announced on Thursday, 8 April at our webinar from 12:30pm (AEST).

Our audience will have the opportunity to hear from each young finalist as they present their water science projects with a Q&A to follow. We sincerely congratulate all finalists for their dedication and hard work, and commend them for producing high quality, thoughtful solutions to water quality issues. We look forward to seeing how their interest in water develops.

The following 4 water science projects are in the running for this year’s award:

Annabelle Strachan, Meriden School

Annabelle's investigation explores whether dried lemon peel and ground chitosan is a feasible bio-flocculant as an accessible, safe, affordable and environmentally friendly option to reduce turbidity.

Filtration using Casuarina Xylem: The Potential of Using Casuarina Species to Filter E. Coli from Water
Laura Redman, Barker College

Laura's project investigates the efficacy of using the vascular structures of Casuarina as a method of filtration of biological contaminants from water.

The Effect of Ash on Brine Shrimp
Deanne Kalis, Presbyterian Ladies College Sydney

Deanne's study examines the effect ash has on specific micro-organisms brine shrimp scientifically known as Artemia salina, representing the micro-organisms in Australia’s oceans. The experiment was carried out in order to determine the severity of the bushfires on aquatic life.

Water, can the sun solve our shortages?
Tim Barth & Devon O'Connell, Danthonia High

Tim & Devon have created a solar water still that utilizes the power of the sun to purify water. Although their solar water distiller is not the first of its kind, it adds a few unique twists on the original idea that will hopefully make their model more fit to serve human good.

We look forward to hearing from these bright young scientists who have all demonstrated global thinking towards clean water solutions for all. Free registrations are now open - hear from our finalists and watch as the winner is announced.