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Interflow: Creating the future of water through a heritage of innovation

A name synonymous with challenging the status quo, Interflow has the heart of a humble business with the vision of something much greater. Throughout the company’s 83-year journey, Interflow’s rich heritage of innovation has led the market, paving the way for a bright future ahead.

Leading the way in water

Interflow has carved out its place as a leader in water infrastructure networks since its inception in 1936. Today, the business is regarded as the largest provider of trenchless pipeline solutions in Australia and New Zealand, specialising in the water mains, wastewater, stormwater and culvert sectors.

Throughout its development, Interflow has gained an enviable reputation for building relationships, offering expert advice and finding the best outcomes for customers. As a result, the company is well-established as the preferred delivery partner within its chosen field.

The fourth-generation family-owned business has over 80 years of experience within the pipeline construction and related industries and has rapidly expanded within this sector. During the company’s lifecycle, each generation has been responsible for moving it forward, from traditional pipeline methods to the introduction of new pipeline renewal technologies that lead the market today.

Back to where it all began…

The Interflow spirit is to always find a better way of doing things. An early example is in 1938, when Interflow was known as General Constructions (GC). During this time, the business imported the first Barber-Greene trencher from the United States to Australia. This multiple-bucket and ladder-type production trencher was revolutionary and significantly reduced the cost of excavations.

The company also ventured into trenchless technology, using a pot-and-drive method for excavating deep sewer lines during a renewal project in western New South Wales. It was soon evident that this method would transform the older trench-supporting techniques.

Today, trenchless pipeline renewal methods are considered the ‘go-to’ choice, as they provide an environmentally and financially sound alternative to traditional excavation techniques.

A culture of inspiration

The spirit of resilience is deeply ingrained within the culture of Interflow. This stems from the company’s ability to thrive within tumultuous and ever-changing environments, which has ultimately formed the nucleus of what Interflow is today.

A crucial component of Interflow’s growth has been its ability to remain externally focused. The building infrastructure field is extremely volatile, and it is imperative to sustain business growth in what has become a highly competitive labour market.

For Interflow, the philosophy of inspiration encompasses its people. Over the last 12 months, the business enhanced its internal culture to retain and motivate employees, whilst developing unique ways to attract top talent in a competitive market.

Another success driver has been Interflow’s openness to new ideas. The company’s growth has been boosted by listening to its customers and developing new and innovative services driven by their needs.

By proactively listening to the market, Interflow introduced unique innovations that Australia had never seen before, whilst staying true to its core values of honesty, reliability and competence.

Creating a future of leaders

True to its reputation of always thinking outside of the box, Interflow’s spirit of innovation extends far beyond the parameters of technologies in pipeline construction and renewal. It is in the company’s DNA to always look for ways to shape the engineering sector, and education is at the top of its list.

According to Interflow, education is key to unlocking the potential of Australia and New Zealand’s upcoming engineers. In a bid to make this a reality, the business has invested significant time and resources into shaping the next generation. An example is the Smith Family’s ‘Learning For Life’ program, where Interflow is sponsoring 36 students across Australia to create education opportunities that were once not possible.

To further shape the next generation of aspiring engineers, Interflow’s collaboration with industry partners such as Engineering New Zealand, the Australian Water Association and IPWEA has seen the company’s employees participate in volunteering and mentoring programs. Here, Interflow’s employees provide their guidance and expertise to students, allowing them to increase their skills, grow their knowledge, connect with real people in the industry and, most of all, become inspired as the future engineers of our world.

The building blocks of innovation

By consistently challenging the status quo, Interflow has been dedicated to solving its customers’ problems under its core values of . Handed down throughout each generation, this philosophy has been the cornerstone of the company’s success and will continue to be the building block for sustaining its rich heritage of innovation.