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Harness the power of data for proactive pump diagnostics

The Flygt MAS 801’s predictive analytics tools allow users to adopt a more proactive diagnostics approach and detect failures before they cause damage.

Flygt MAS 801 simplifies the decision intelligence experience by leveraging the power of data to provide new information for making better system-level choices and recommendations.

With the Flygt MAS 801, users can take a more proactive approach to station diagnostics and streamline their maintenance experience with its predictive analytics tools.

Flygt MAS 801 uses a 24/7 on-site overview of pump data and continuous station health check to detect failures before they can damage your infrastructure.

4 reasons to choose Flygt MAS 801

1. Access from anywhere
With power and communication signals combined and transmitted through a single cable, and an enhanced set-up wizard, Flygt MAS 801 offers an easy-to-install solution for any pump station. Flygt MAS 801 can be integrated directly into many of Flygt’s existing monitoring and control options for added versatility.

2. Adaptable and modular
Get a holistic understanding of each pump’s operation and stay aware of onsite pump operations while on the go with Flygt MAS 801. The Flygt MAS 801 operator panel is SCADA integrated and connects directly to an online dashboard, providing direct access via a mobile device.

3. Smarter diagnostics
The improved measurement solutions allow for quick analysis of data trends. The three-axis vibration sensor, current measurements, and “black-box” sensor data work together to improve pump maintenance cycles and let users be in control of their operation planning, instead of being forced into shutdowns.

4. Higher impact
Users can base their next maintenance schedule on data-driven facts instead of routine or reactionary repairs and replacements. Flygt MAS 801 equips engineers and technicians with accurate and actionable data, empowering them to make more practical and efficient maintenance decisions before system failure.

Measuring and Recording Capability

Flygt MAS 801 measures, records and monitors different values that can be plotted or exported:

Standard monitoring

  • Motor temperature
  • Main bearing temperature
  • Leakage monitoring in the stator housing and junction box
  • Pump current in one phase
  • Vibration in three-axis
  • Running time and number of starts

Optional monitoring

  • Motor temperature in three phases
  • Support bearing temperature
  • Water in oil detection

Optional power analyser

  • Pump current in three phases
  • Current imbalance
  • Voltage in three phases
  • Voltage imbalance
  • Power factor
  • Power
  • Energy (kWh)

To find out more about Flygt MAS 801 contact your local Xylem Representative on 13 19 14 or click here.