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What do you know about beer? Recapping the SA October 2022 Sundowner

40 attendees gathered at the last Sundowner event in October 2022 to hear more about water and its relationship to beer.

SA Sundowner October 2022Anthony Matulick, GM of Operations at Osmoflo Australia, explained the relationship, history and process of providing the quality of water required to produce great tasting beer to South Australia’s family owned brewery, Coopers. Anthony also discussed the difficulties of dealing with highly saline bore water through the reverse osmosis (RO) units was described, with other discussion around lessons learned through time working in the industry, particularly the importance of communication alongside the technical knowledge and background. 

Thank you again to Anthony Matulick for his time covering topics from water to beer and personnel development.

P.S. The next Sundowner is on 20 April 2023 and we hope to see you there!