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Member Spotlight – Warwick Bishop

Recent addition to the AWA VIC Branch Committee, Warwick Bishop, is bringing his 30 years of integrated water management experience to the broader water sector.

Warwick, a seasoned Director of Water Technology, brings a wealth of experience spanning over three decades in the field of surface water management. With a solid foundation in Civil Engineering and Water Engineering Science, where he specialised in the intricate hydraulics of stormwater treatment wetlands, Warwick has honed his expertise to address critical water-related challenges. His diverse portfolio includes spearheading projects in flood risk management, water quality improvement, sediment transport analysis, coastal hazard mitigation, Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD), and environmental flow optimisation.

Warwick's contributions extend beyond academic achievements and professional projects. Since 2011, he has been a crucial asset to the Flood Intelligence Unit of SES, offering specialised insights during both catchment and coastal flood emergencies, including the 2022 floods in Victoria. He previously chaired the Victorian Water Engineering Branch Committee of Engineers Australia, with an emphasis on hydrology and hydraulics, including contribution to the technical background of ARR 2019. More recently Warwick has directed his focus towards the Australian Water Association, with an interest in integrated water management and water information systems, to bring his specialisation in surface water management to the broader water sector  . Warwick has already made a splash in the Victorian AWA scene, being a guest speaker at the recent VIC YWP Regional Study Tour describing how improved surface water management can benefit our precious water dependent ecosystems such as the Barmah-Millewa and Gunbower Forest wetlands on the Murray River floodplain.

Exploring community flood resilience and the impacts of climate change on flood risk management and planning processes is another area of particular interest for Warwick. This includes coastal erosion and flood hazard, along with the impacts of climate change on storm rainfall intensity and catchment runoff. Key project work in this area has included the Coastal Hazard Assessment of the 90 Mile Beach and Gippsland Lakes which is being used to inform future adaptation for coastal communities in East Gippsland.

Currently serving as the National Technology and Innovation Lead at Water Technology Pty Ltd, Warwick is leading the charge in developing innovative water information tools and services in collaboration with a spectrum of stakeholders, including universities, consultants, water authorities, and research institutes. His impressive career trajectory, from his early days as a Water Engineer to his present role as an innovation leader, attests to his enduring commitment to advancing the science and practice of water management.