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Member Spotlight: Andrew Chapman

A champion of recycled water solutions, AWA Member Andrew Chapman has enjoyed a lush career of achievements and shaping government policy and industry guidelines.

For over four decades, Andrew Chapman has been a trailblazer in the water industry, spearheading sustainable and innovative practices that have left a lasting impact on Australia. Highly respected and regarded, Andrew's expertise lies in championing recycled water solutions and highlighting the pivotal role water plays in enhancing a city's overall liveability.

One of the cornerstones of Andrew's career is his passion for nurturing emerging talent. He co-founded the AWA Young Professionals in Victoria, a venture that has since grown into the thriving and successful Young National Water Professionals Network. Andrew's mentorship extends far and wide, as he currently guides five emerging water professionals within and outside Aurecon, in addition to having previously mentored countless others. In 2021 alone, he actively contributed to organising two AWA Inspire webinars on water recycling and other cutting-edge innovations.

Throughout his extensive career, Andrew has served on AWA Awards committees at both state and federal levels for an impressive 25 years, including as a distinguished panel chair. His expertise was also recognised when he was invited to be a judge for the prestigious Premier's Sustainability Awards in Victoria. Andrew has left his mark on crucial initiatives such as the Melbourne Flood Strategy, the Greater Melbourne Urban Water Strategy, the Melbourne Sewerage Strategy, and the Casey Clyde Water Strategy.

Andrew's technical expertise and openness to embracing new technologies have made him highly respected among his peers. His diverse experience as a consultant, government representative, water corporation advocate, and industry spokesperson have enabled him to contribute significantly to projects of immense scale and impact. The Fishermans Bend Precinct, Australia's largest redevelopment, boasting an infrastructure worth $6 billion, stands as a testament to his influence.

One of the most transformative contributions of Andrew's career was his work in the 1990s with the Sydney Clean Waterways Program. In this initiative, he pioneered new augmentation strategies to address pressing environmental concerns and quell significant community protests. With an ingenious implementation of geographical information systems technologies, Andrew streamlined the network modelling of 40% of Sydney's sewage system, considerably reducing mapping time and estimated project costs, while enhancing water quality and removing sewage from waterways.

Noteworthy is Andrew's remarkable ability to strike a balance between technical innovation, cost-effectiveness, and the satisfaction of clients and communities. He demonstrated this leadership prowess in leading multiple stakeholders to develop the Casey Clyde Integrated Water Servicing Strategy in 2015, which received the prestigious Planning Institute Association award. This strategy has since become the gold standard for integrated water planning in growth area precinct plans.

In recognition of his extraordinary service to the profession, Andrew was honoured as a Life Member of the Australian Water Association in 2014, an accolade that underlines the significant contributions he has made throughout his illustrious career.

Andrew Chapman's career journey is a true highlight, showcasing his unwavering dedication to sustainable water solutions and leaving an indelible mark on the water industry in Australia. As a visionary leader, mentor, and technical expert, his work continues to inspire and shape the future of water management for generations to come.