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SA Government consults on water security

Consultation on a draft Water Security Statement has commenced in South Australia, with the government intending to provide a water security overview, outlining actions currently underway to address water security challenges in the state.

The draft statement will provide a summary of South Australia’s water resources, how they are used and strategies to make sure supplies are secure and reliable into the future.

Minister for Environment and Water David Speirs said finding the right balance in terms of ensuring enough water for people, communities, industry and the environment is essential to meeting water security challenges in the state moving forward.

“The draft Water Security Statement considers how we can make sure we have the water we need to support the state’s economic growth targets, a vibrant society and healthy environments,” Spiers said.

“Past water-related investments in infrastructure and reforms across South Australia have provided high levels of water security for the vast majority of the state’s population.

“Water availability, however, is projected to decline across the state under a changing climate and there is also increasing demand for water to support growth in agriculture, mining and energy, as well as for growing towns and cities.

“The key challenge now is to build on past investment to ensure all South Australians have adequate water security and to grow the South Australian economy in a sustainable way.”

Spiers said will be working on developing strategic priorities, which will inform the government’s water security program from now until July 2024.

“A key new element of our proposed water security program includes the development of targeted water security strategies,” he said.

“These strategies will supplement traditional water planning in regions, or for sectors, where there is evidence that a lack of water may limit long-term growth.

“People, communities, industry and the environment all rely on ongoing, reliable and affordable access to water and water security planning will be critical to safeguard our water supplies into the future.”

Consultation on the draft Water Security Statement is open until 5:00 pm Friday, 18 June 2021.