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NSW water portal launched to bolster transparency

A new portal will provide real-time data to WaterNSW customers, in a bid to bolster transparency and offer meaningful insights into water use and management across the Murray-Darling Basin

New South Wales (NSW) Minister for Water Melinda Pavey said the portal, Water Insights, offers a map of the river systems along with information such as river flows, dam storages, water availability and weather outlook at a glance,

“This is a critical step in enhancing transparency in the water sector,” Pavey said.

“It is an historic step forward in transforming the water sector for all users and is part of the NSW Government’s broader water reform.”

Combining years of work to enhance the transparency of NSW river operations, Pavey said the virtual hub will support agribusiness, help protect environmental water and satisfy key reforms recommended by recent government reviews. 

“With this new technology people can now see exactly what is happening in any major river valley, as well as having at their fingertips all the relevant information as to how that river is being managed,” she said.

The website brings together information across the entire water sector and couples it with an informed view of the river, allowing users to see where and when water is flowing.

“This is not only a major asset for farmers seeking certainty around when they can and can’t access water, it is an invaluable tool for enhancing the water literacy of anyone seeking a better understanding of the management of our river network,” Pavey said. 

“We know the drought is biting hard. In unregulated river systems, where water availability is governed by river volume, licence holders now have a clear picture of the prevailing water situation, especially in the case of a significant rain event which may generate flows.”

For more information, visit the portal.