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A River with a City Problem

The book “A River with a City Problem is a fascinating read and as a water professional this book truly resonated with me. In a matter of two weeks this book was recommended by two fellow AWA members and I am glad they did. So, if you are looking for something to read this is a great book that explains the history of the Brisbane River.  

When the British settlers colonised the lands of the Turrbal and Jagera lands in the 1840s and built towns on the shores of an unpredictable, flood-prone, tropical Brisbane River system, they created a flood hazard that we live with today.  

 A River with a City Problem: A History of Brisbane Floods by Margaret Cook tells the history of the catastrophic floods of 1893, 1974 and 2011. It examines attempts to manage floods and maintains that if other paths had been taken, Southeast Queensland’s flood hazard may be very different.  

 The book strives to dispel the deep-seated myth that the region is flood-proof and encourages people to consider all strategies to better adapt to our climate to reduce future tragedies. The book draws on engineering reports, government inquiries, photographs and newspapers, and includes stories from people flooded, rescuers and flood managers to highlight the human dimensions.  

 It is available in Brisbane bookshops and online at Booktopia.