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Engagement with First Nation Communities

At the Gala Dinner, we were treated to the earthy and moving presentation of traditional songs and dances and a formal welcome to county from the Nunukul Yuggera Aboriginal dance troupe.

Nunukul Yuggera are decedents of 4 major tribal language groups of the south east Queensland coastal region.

  • Nunukul (Quandamooka Stradbroke and Redland regions)
  • Yuggera (Brisbane river out towards the Great dividing range)
  • Yugimbir (Gold coast region) and
  • Nugi (Moreton Island / Mulgumpin).

We haven’t always done welcome to country, but over recent years it has become the normal practise for AWA events to engage with and acknowledge Aboriginal culture through spoken word, song, dance and other various forms of cultural expression.

Welcome to country is a great foundation, a start for engagement with local first nation groups, and a way to sustain cultural performance in meaningful manner. Through AWA conferences we are listening and seeking better ways for shared two-way learning between the water sector and first nation communities.

Through our partners we also keen to hear from you, how you are working with and engage our first nation communities? If you have a recent engagement story, please reach out a let us know how we can share lessons and successes from your engagement.