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A recap of the Conscious and Courageous Leadership Workshop

Did you know you don't need to be in a position of authority to be a leader? 

The SA YWPs ‘Conscious and Courageous Leadership Workshop’ helped YWPs to develop leadership skills while fostering self-awareness. The workshop was run by the fantastic Ally Nitschke and sponsored by Osmoflo. Participants engaged in activities and discussions that promoted intentional, authentic leadership.

The workshop explored conscious leadership principles, emphasising self-reflection, emotional intelligence, authentic communication, ethical decision-making, resilience, and courage. Participants learned to recognise their strengths and areas for growth, manage emotions, empathise with others, and make ethical choices aligned with their values.

courageous leader

Ally spoke of the ‘bird’ personality types which divides people into four bird groups, i.e. the ‘neutral dove’, ‘analytical owl’, ‘relational pea- cock’ and ‘decisive eagle’. Understanding the personality style of individuals around you enables more effective collaboration by recognising their unique perspectives, strategies, and preferences. Each bird personality type possesses distinct approaches to relationships, emotions, communication, and conflict resolution. By acknowledging these differences, you can enhance partnership and navigate interactions with greater empathy and understanding.

The workshop concluded with participants creating action plans to integrate conscious leadership into their lives, committing to ongoing growth. Ally was engaging, entertaining and insightful as she presented on the topics of self-leadership, team leadership, and tough conversations, and was even gracious enough to provide a complimentary copy of her book to all attendees at the end of the workshop!

Ultimately, the workshop empowered individuals to become self-aware, empathetic, and authentic leaders who inspire positive change in their organisations and communities. Through the cultivation of conscious leadership, individuals gain the skills and mindset to lead with intention, integrity, and courage.