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Yarra Valley Water "Watchers" campaign takes off

Four colourful, rubbery extra-terrestrials are on their way to the Yarra Valley to help remind local residents not to waste water.

Well, Wavy, Washy and Wade are the Water Watchers — the faces of a new public education program by Yarra Valley Water encouraging children and adults to be responsible about their water usage.

The characters take the form of biodegradable rubber rings with bulging eyes that can be attached to taps and monitor water users.

“We are gentle and fun reminders for you and your squad — we’re not timers,” the program’s website clarifies.

“Hopefully, with us watching, you’ll remember to turn the tap off quicker and use less water. We’re here to help!”

Yarra Valley Water Managing Director Pat McCafferty announced the program in a LinkedIn post.

“I’m excited to announce the launch of our new education program, ‘The Water Watchers’, designed to engage kids (and their families) with the message that saving water is always important — and easy — when they have a Water Watcher device on their tap,” he said.

“The program will see water crusaders Welly, Washy, Wavy, Wade (they each have a specialty) visit local schools to educate children on the best ways to live more sustainably and save water.”

A video introducing the characters explains that their home planet was drained by “evil Water Wasters”, so the Water Watchers have come to the water-rich Earth to “remind all Earthlings about why it’s so important to save water and all the different ways you can do it.”

Their advice includes taking shorter showers, turning taps off while brushing teeth, and making sure the dishwasher is full before turning it on.

The rubber rings, which are free to Yarra Valley Water customers, are easy to clean and will break down in compost when they’re no longer needed.

The Water Watchers website features videos, activities for children and a song.