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Which water utility has the best-tasting water in NSW?

An annual competition has awarded a Canberra-based utility the title of “best-tasting water in NSW and ACT”.

The ACT’s sole water provider Icon Water beat out more than 20 other utilities to take home the top spot in the annual NSW/ACT Ixom Best Tap Water competition. MidCoast Water and Port Macquarie Hastings were the two runners-up.

Judges tested samples on three key criteria: “Turbidity, which is the colour and look of the water; the odour of the water; and obviously the taste,” said judge Jarryd Millard.

Staff from Icon Water were very pleased with the results, according to Manager Robert Allen.

"We don't have to run a complex chemical removal process in order to get high-quality drinking water to the Canberra public," he said.

"What makes our water so good is the quality of the catchment water we get – it comes out of the Cotter area, it is crystal clear … It doesn't have an underlying chemical taste. It is refreshing to drink, almost sweet. It tastes like pure water."

Icon Water will now represent NSW/ACT in the Water of Origin competition against Queensland in June, as well as the national water competition in October.

Allen said he was confident Icon Water had a shot at the national title.

"Bring it on. I think we have got a pretty good chance to go all the way with this one," he said.

The annual competition aims to celebrate the efforts of providers to generate top-quality drinking water for Australians.