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SA Water for Growth

Regardless of the way you look at it, water is an essential requirement for the future of the South Australian economy and our State’s prosperity. Whether it be water for new agricultural, mining and energy projects, or for the greening of cities that helps attract and retain skilled labour, or new water technology commercialisation opportunities aligned to space or artificial intelligence – water is either a central threat or direct opportunity for economic growth.

In addition, internationally the water industry is one of the fastest growing industry sectors, expanding at around 14% a year in response to global water challenges. Yet, exports of water products have declined from South Australia over recent years.

The Department for Environment and Water, is partnering with the Australian Water Association SA branch to help form a new direction for South Australia – Water for Growth. This will place water and the sector as an explicit and active enabler of economic opportunity and a source of new exports and investment over coming decades.

As the State recovers from COVID-19 and charts a new economic future, it is essential that the water sector is able to define its role and how best it can work with Government to unlock new industry prospects. An initial starting point for engagement is an industry survey which can be accessed here.

Keep an eye out for future announcement and updates from the Australian Water Association over the coming months, as to how you can get involved in driving this exciting initiative. If you wish to directly connect, please also do so here.

Hon Karlene Maywald
South Australian Water Ambassador