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One of SA’s smallest treatment plants has won best tasting tap water

Discerning tap-water drinkers should set their sights on SA Water’s Woolpunda Water Treatment Plant, which has been named best tasting tap water in South Australia by the Water Industry Operators Association of Australia (WIOA).

The sample was judged by a panel of water industry experts as well as members of the community, and beat out 14 other samples from across the state.

Most notable amongst the competitors was Morgan Water Treatment Plant, which has won the title of the state’s top drop for the past two years. SA Water’s Morgan Water Treatment Plant Coordinator James Gorman said Woolpunda’s win was “bittersweet”, but conceded the award was “well deserved”.

The feat is impressive considering the Woolpunda Water Treatment Plant is a one-person-operated facility that treats around 700,000 litres of water a day. It’s part of SA Water’s Country Water Quality Improvement Program, and delivers water to communities along the River Murray such as Woolpunda, Wunkar, Mantung and Cadell.

Gorman expressed his support for the Woolpunda team as they go on to represent South Australia at the national competition, to be held later this year at Mount Kynock in Queensland.

"After our Morgan sample missed out on the national title the past two years, we'll be heading to Queensland later this year more determined than ever to secure the crown for South Australia," Gorman said.

The team that wins the national competition will then represent Australia at the international competition to be held in the US early next year.

While the spirit of the event is lighthearted, WIOA Chief Operations Officer Craig Mathisen said the recognition of the importance of fresh, clean water is important.

"We achieved our aims of showcasing South Australia’s drinking water, acknowledging the somewhat unsung work of water operators, and getting people talking about tap water," he said.

Gorman echoed this sentiment.

"Producing safe, clean and good tasting water is just part of our job, but it's always nice to be recognised for the hard work that goes into getting that quality product to people's homes and businesses," he said.