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Feedback wanted on Queensland non-urban water measurement policy proposals

As part of the Queensland Government’s responsibility for fairly and equitably managing our state’s water resources, it is developing a new non-urban water measurement policy.

Feedback is being sought from water users, industry and the community on a range of policy proposals to ensure that any new policy is practical and can be implemented effectively. Consultation closes on 13 December 2019.

The proposals out for consultation include identifying where meters are required, requirements for recording, storing and transmitting meter data, and strengthened standards for achieving and maintaining meter accuracy.

While the Murray-Darling Basin catchments are a priority, the policy proposals have a state-wide focus and recommend a phased approach to implementing metering based on the level of pressure and risk to water resources.

Meetings with peak bodies and industry representatives have been held across the state in recent weeks to explain the policy proposals and receive feedback from affected parties. Initial feedback indicates there is widespread industry support to improve the standard and coverage of metering across the state.

Improved metering will allow water users and industry to demonstrate their commitment to best practice use of water resources and underpins security of entitlements.

The new policy, expected to be finalised mid next year, will deliver a series of actions to strengthen community confidence in the way Queensland’s water resources are accessed and managed. It will also better align with the National Framework for Non-urban Water Metering, allowing Queensland to meet its national water measurement obligations.

The consultation paper is available online here.