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Canberra residents encouraged to fill up on top drop for free

Icon Water has partnered with ACT Health to help residents stay hydrated as Canberrans suffer through sweltering temperatures this summer.

Through the Refill Canberra program, cafes across the ACT are being asked to fill up people’s water bottles for free. Participating businesses display a sticker in their window so passersby know they can stop in.

ACT Health spokesperson Emily Harper said the program will have a positive effect on the community and the environment.

“In this heat wave across the ACT, launching Refill Canberra is a timely reminder to Canberrans to stay hydrated,” she said.

“It’s vital for our health … Tap water of course is the healthiest option and here in Canberra we have high-quality drinking water on tap.”

As well as encouraging people to drink more water, the initiative also aims to reduce plastic waste.

“Single use plastic bottles are 500 times more carbon intensive than simple tap water,” Harper said.

Icon Water Managing Director Ray Hezkial said the utility wants to help Canberrans stay healthy during summer by providing high-quality tap water.  

“Refill Canberra celebrates local cafes, shops and venues that are happy to provide tap water to fill your water bottles while you’re out and about,” Hezkial said.

“Being able to refill on the go means you can always have a supply of Canberra’s top drop with you.”

Businesses can sign up to Refill Canberra here.