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Where did the time go? Justin Simonis' last column as AWA Queensland Branch President

And just like that it was over! All of a sudden, I’m penning my last President’s Column and thinking where did the time go.

Over the last two years it’s been an absolute privilege leading the Queensland Branch Committee and representing Queensland at the national level. Our Branch Committee is one the most representative of our diverse membership in the country and over the last two years, the efforts of the group have been repaid in spades as increasing numbers of you turn out to our conferences, annual gala dinner and technical program.

The last two years have witnessed successive record setting QWater Conferences our first ever live streamed session from a conference (to share the Havelock North story with a broader audience), the biggest gala dinner on record and some of the largest attendances at our technical program meetings that we have ever seen. This is at risk of sounding quite self-serving, but in truth, it is to express to the Queensland Branch membership our deepest gratitude and sincere thanks.

As volunteers, nothing provides greater validation for our efforts than bums on seats. A substantial part of this is also the support we receive from our many corporate members. Whether it’s sponsorship, hosting a meeting or an event, in kind support by allowing our Branch Committee and YWP Sub-Committee the time to volunteer for the association or enabling their staff to present at/attend our events, everything you do is appreciated.

With all of that said though, it is time to start thinking about Branch Committee and YWP Sub-Committee elections again so I would encourage any of you that feel like you might want to contribute to the industry to give it a go. My own AWA experience started as a prompt as part of my professional development by a supportive manager so even if you don’t think you have the time now, please think about how those who report to you could benefit from the experience.

In closing, as my time as Branch President is coming to an end, I would like to personally thank those that served in the Branch Committee and YWP Sub-Committee over the last two years for your support and those of you in the membership for your help throughout my term.

Stay safe and see you (albeit most likely digitally) around the traps again soon.