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Spring and optimism - An update from SA Chair Elsie Mann

Elsie Mann Elsie Mann

Spring is here and I feel optimism is in the air. My garden is certainly enjoying the warmer, longer days; and the rain. I  enjoy that I can pick snow peas in the light when I get home from the office.

Torrential downpours always seem to get us talking about unseasonal weather, but as a regular commuter cyclist I can recall this is the time of year you can get caught out and thoroughly drenched.

I installed a rain gauge this year and have started tracking the amounts, and recently recorded the highest amount (since my records began) of over 15 mm.

I’m reliably informed from the Bureau of Meteorology that we are confirmed to be in a La Nina event, which is expected to persist until summer 2020-21. After our climatically dry July, this is expected to bring higher rainfall, and hopefully reducing risk of fire over summer.

Speaking of spring and optimism – after a tumultuous year we are really looking forward to the opportunity to meet in person and celebrate the good work of people in our industry.

We had an excellent number of responses to our call for award nominations – so thank you to those who made the effort to submit amidst everything that is going on. I really can’t wait to see you all at our gala dinner and have the chance to catch up, celebrate, reflect and look forward.