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Safer Together: How the oil and gas industry is creating a safe workplace

Like the water industry, the oil and gas industry preside over long-term, typically complex projects that occupy a large geographical area and present inherent safety challenges.

Established in 2014, industry body Safer Together – comprising more than 170 member companies operating in Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory – is dedicated to developing a safer industry.

The backbone of Safer Together is a network of seven working groups, each undertaking specific work streams decided by member companies via its Industry Safety Forum.

“As industry matures there is a need to engage senior leaders of both operating and contracting companies in building a culture to foster continual safety improvements,” Safer Together Forum Coordinator Sean O’Donnell said.

“The benefits for all collaborating companies are clear common standards and tools, together with shared expectations of implementation.”

O’Donnell pointed to the importance of a transparent and inclusive environment, with contractors comprehensively involved in the process.

“Best practice is achieved by sharing learnings and innovations, and determining industry standards,” he said.

“Collaboration also reduces cynicism and builds trust and engagement with industry peers, regulators and the workforce, with multiple flow-on benefits. It allows for active risk management at an industry level and raises the bar for everyone involved.”

First published as ‘Safer together’ in Current magazine October 2019.