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AWA Queensland Branch President Nicole Davis’ column

Ozwater 2021 in Adelaide was a huge hit and there was a strong Queensland contingent in attendance. The quality of the papers was exceptional, and I was lucky enough to attend many of the Leader’s forums which was an excellent opportunity to see how the other half lives; the larger water utilities across Australia.

And Ozwater 2022, the 60th Anniversary of AWA (including its predecessors) is being hosted in Brisbane by Urban Utilities. This will be another fantastic opportunity to be involved and showcase Queensland’s water industry. David Brooker is the chair of the organising committee and the committee, with membership from across the whole of Australia, will start meeting very shortly. Just as Ozwater 2021 finishes, organisation for Ozwater 2022 starts.

On a more local level, NQ Water registrations are now open and thanks to Mackay Regional Council for hosting. The program is jam packed and so I would encourage our members, and potential members, to make your way to Mackay for July 29–30, 2021; it is a truly beautiful time up year in Mackay.

A few other Queensland based events should also be pencilled into people’s calendars.

  • The QLD Gala Dinner and Awards Night is being held in Brisbane on September 10. The awards nominations have opened so start your preparations – everyone loves a red carpet!!
  • The QWater organising committee has already formed and is now looking at the event in November in Brisbane. Seqwater is hosting the event and it will be an opportunity for a face to face event with high quality papers and presentations as well as a well-attended trade hall.

As you will know, we have been in the throes of electing a new committee. I would like to thank the following committee members who decided not to stand for re-election; Peter Quinn and Andrew Schoenmaker who have both been on the committee since 2017, Lavanya Susarla, Moira Zeilinga and Mark Trembath who were all on the committee from 2019. Of note, Mark does have a long history with AWA; he was previously on the NSW Branch Committee and NSW President 2013-2015. I would like to thank you all for service to the committee but also to me personally. My first year as QLD Branch President has been a challenge with COVID but this also created the opportunity to re-connect with our regional members via the Hub model for our technical events. I have welcomed your support for these initiatives and will look to your continued involvement in AWA – we are always on the lookout for reviewers for papers and articles for Source.

And now for the announcement for the new committee (drum roll). There was a total of 178 votes, of which 130 were valid and a very strong selection so thank you all for nominating; your interest is very much appreciated. There are a number of returning members which is good for stability. And some new members as well including a new regional member. The final results have seen the following people elected to the AWA QLD Branch Committee: Natalie Muir, Margit Connellan, Olivia Newman, William Speirs, King Intrapaiboon, Simon Taylor and Jeff Ballard. I welcome the new committee and look forward to working with you all. For those who did not make it to the committee, please stay in touch as we are eager to keep everyone involved and there is always more than enough to do, especially with reviewing papers and conference organising.

The final YWP sub-committee results are: Johanna Johnson, Lachlan Guthrie, Alice Strazzabosco, Melissa Mellado-Ruiz, Matthew Keleher, Shanae Walker, and Valentina Velez Rivera. As with the QLD Branch, the Sub-committee was well subscribed with nominees and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest.

And my acknowledgements continue, as I extend my congratulations AWA Sponsored Leon Henry Memorial – Queensland Operator of the Year Award recipient, Shane Bandiera from Cassowary Coast Regional Council. Shane has worked across a number of water treatment plants and driven processes enhancements and improvements. He is very focussed on customer service and water quality outcomes for the community

So, just so that you are all aware of your committee members the the AWA Qld Branch and the YWP sub-committee are:

Qld Branch Committee YWP sub-committee
Nicole Davis Charlene Wong
David Merrett Sandrika Ryan
Justin Simonis Grace Duckham
Amie Aldred Shaw Abrey
Christian Truscott Tahlia Rossi
Janice Wilson - regional Thomas Wager
Lisa Welsh Johanna Johnson (returning)
Narelle D’Amico – regional Lachlan Guthrie (new)
Richard Savage Alice Strazzabosco (new)
Natalie Muir (returning) Melissa Mellado-Ruiz (new)
Margit Connellan (returning) Matthew Keleher (new)
Olivia Newman (new) Shanae Walker (new)
William Speirs (new) Valentina Velez Rivera (new)
King Intrapaiboon (new)  
Simon Taylor (new/returning)  
Jeff Ballard (new) - regional