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SA reflections on Ozwater

Following are reflection by AWA SA Branch Committee members on Ozwater 2021.

Alex Donald – SA Water:

It was amazing to have Ozwater 2021 in Adelaide. I really enjoyed the keynote speakers and was especially inspired by Simon Griffiths of ‘Who Gives a Crap’ on his innovative journey in raising money for water and sanitation in developing countries. It was great to share the in-person experience with a wonderful cohort of water industry colleagues. Well done AWA!

Andrew Wilkins - SA Water:

I was particularly inspired by the technical presentations on the circular economy. The presentations highlighted the great work being done at wastewater treatment plants around Australia and across the globe to maximise the recovery of useful resources from what are traditionally viewed as waste streams. In particular the presentation on a circular economy implementation in the UK by Severn Trent water, the work by Sydney water to economically scrub Hydrogen Sulphide and Siloxanes from biogas before use in engines and growing, harvesting and digesting algal biomass at Urban Utilities provided some really great examples of the innovative approaches being taken by the water industry.

Adam Medlock - Trility:

Whilst there were highlights for me with certain speakers, networking events and new technologies, admittedly most of the time I was just excited to be back at an in-person industry event. This year, after what seemed like forever talking to people through my computer screen, the impact of attending Ozwater in person was refreshing and the events team did an amazing job accommodating challenging COVID requirements whilst still making it feel like the Ozwater of old.