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Pipeline funding fast-tracked to ensure Townsville’s water security

The Queensland Government has reaffirmed its commitment to help solve Townsville’s water security concerns by funding the duplication of the Haughton Pipeline.

Last month Mayor of Townsville Jenny Hill wrote to Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk requesting the government’s $225 million commitment be delivered in two years, instead of four, to ensure the project’s completion by 2019.

While the government has announced it will fund a $10 million water management campaign, Hill has requested $125 million be provided this year to accelerate the project.

Hill told the Townsville Bulletin her request comes in light of findings made by the Townsville Water Security Taskforce, which handed down its interim report on fixing the region’s ongoing water crisis.

"Council’s campaign to get the taskforce set up and to secure the funding was a big win, but I speak on behalf of our community when I say we need the pipeline built and the additional water flowing as soon as possible,” Hill said.

“There is now an expectation in our community that everyone gets on with the job, and I’ve outlined to the Premier the overwhelming benefits that completing the project over the next two years will deliver for the city.”

With design work on the second Haughton Pipeline in advanced stages, Hill said the region is keen to start seeing benefits as soon as possible.

“The council is developing a method of delivery that will break the project down into smaller packages that will maximise opportunities for local contractors and get the work done faster,” Hill said.

“The taskforce, under the direction and leadership of Brad Webb, did a great job with their work to identify the best pipeline option, and the government has delivered for Townsville with their funding commitment.”

Parliament’s approval of the Queensland State Budget last week has ensured the government’s commitment to Townsville’s water security is solid, a spokesperson for the Premier told the Townsville Bulletin.

“The [Townsville City] Council will develop and send a project plan and the funds will flow as needed to meet the project milestones,” he said.

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