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Northern Territory leads the push for a new water CRC

The Northern Territory (NT) may soon be home to a new Cooperative Research Centre, with the launch of the Water in Northern Australia CRC (WiNA CRC) prospectus garnering support from leading water sector organisations. 

The aim of WiNA CRC is to create a key partnership in northern Australia to develop practical tools, products and processes to address the region’s water challenges

Australian Water Association (AWA) CEO Jonathan McKeown said the AWA’s board members are in agreement to support the prospectus, with the association officially endorsing the proposal. 

“The board discussed the bid being prepared for the Northern Australia CRC during their meeting last month in Brisbane,” he said. 

“There was strong support for the bid and the board resolved to support and promote it to the water industry. The board also authorised the CRC bid submission to include mention of AWA as a supporter.”

With water shortages, deteriorating water quality and an increase in water-borne pathogens threatening investments and impacting the provision of essential services, the WiNA CRC proposes to bolster water management in the Northern Territory over the next 10 years.

Aims of the WiNA CRC include the development of new products for water businesses, support of export opportunities, improved capacity in water planning and management, contributing to national Sustainable Development Goal objectives, as well as improving the health and wellbeing of all NT communities

The prospectus also outlines the urgent need for developing a more comprehensive understanding of the NT’s unique water portfolio, including water sources, risks and system constraints, which are being intensified by changing climate patterns and a lack of cross-agency coordination. 

A full application is currently being prepared, due for submission in June this year, with Charles Darwin University facilitating the bidding process and former NT Chief Minister Clare Martin chairing the bid. 

The proposal for establishing the WiNA CRC has also received strong interest from industry and government partners, including Power and Water Corporation, NT Department of Health, Flinders University and Menzies School of Health Research.

An online information session about the Water in Northern Australia CRC bid will be held on 28 April. To learn more and to register, click here.