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Adelaide firm Basetec joins AWA

Working with leading companies and large utilities, Basetec’s water division provides specialised material solutions within water and wastewater processes.

Basetec Water & Infrastructure, part of the Novafast Holdings group of companies, has joined the Australian Water Association.

Group General Manager Paul Figallo said that, since its founding in 1999, Basetec Services has grown and adapted through its contracts with leading companies and utilities.

“We specialise in producing and installing corrosion-resistant equipment, increasing an asset's life while decreasing the need for maintenance and the use of costly exotic materials,” he said.

“Clients trust our vast experience in multiple sectors and knowledge of advanced composite and corrosion-resistant materials.”

Basetec Water & Infrastructure was recently announced as an SA Water Minor Works Framework partner. In addition to this, it has executed key projects for Sydney Water, Yarra Valley Water and Hunter Water, and has staff working across the Pacific region.

“Our work with these companies has varied from wastewater plants, underground sewer lines, redesigning piping systems, concrete storage tank refurbishment, sewer vent stacks and water treatment plant launder troughs,” Figallo said.

Before undertaking a project, Basetec uses a detailed in-house analysis and design to provide the utilities with new and remediated products using specialised materials.

“These materials offer the client a corrosion resistant product which extends the use of the asset. These works often eliminate the use of exotic metals reducing price, extending asset life and easing the installation process,” he added.

Maintaining highest standards

The firm’s engineering services offer bespoke design, drafting, testing as well as specification development. Its facilities in Kilkenny, South Australia, host both Basetec’s offices and a 7000m2 undercover workshop with overhead cranage and large handling capabilities.

“Our point of difference is to provide a single point of contact for design, construction and installation using advanced solutions and specialised materials. Our work is designed, developed, formulated and tested in Australia in accordance with international standards,” Figallo said.

Basetec’s vision is of a future free of environmental and safety risks in the industries in which it works. Its goal is to lead Australian innovation in engineering, procurement and construction.

Its exceptional track record when it comes to safety procedures has seen zero lost time incidents recorded in the firm’s history.

Environmental protection is also a strong focus, and it continuously reviews procedures and performance against key indicators in accordance with ISO14001.

Its parent company Novafast Holdings is an Australian-owned private equity business, with its global investment subsidiaries focusing on advanced engineering and construction.