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TasWater and Giri Menang (Indonesia): building more resilient and climate smart water utilities

“I think it’s very important to collaborate within the water sector,” shared Antoine Chassagne, Water Treatment Engineer at TasWater.

Antoine was referring to the partnership between TasWater and Giri Menang, a water utility in Indonesia, which he has been actively involved in along with colleagues from across the business.

Last week, TasWater welcomed Mr. Lalu Zaini, PERPAMSI Chairman and CEO of Giri Menang along with five members of his Giri Menang team for a week of workshops, site visits, and meetings, including with TasWater CEO George Theo, senior management and key site personnel.

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-07 at 18.07.18_570b0f50Present from AWA throughout the week were Member Engagement Manager Lynette Polley, Branch President Ursula Taylor, and Project Lead Nicky Bekker.

This partnership is part of a program to build more resilient and climate smart water utilities, an initiative managed by AWA with funding from the Australian Government through the Australian Water Partnership (AWP).

For TasWater and Giri Menang, the focus has been on reducing Non-Revenue Water loss, and improving the efficiency of incident management planning and response, particularly for climate change related emergencies including flooding and earthquakes.

In addition to tackling these two challenges, the partnership has also provided opportunities for those involved to develop both professionally and personally.

As Yantri Novia Pramirasari, Water Loss Engineer at Giri Menang, put it: “I hope this partnership, this friendship, does not end after this program. I hope that it will continue in the future.”.

To find out more about this partnership and opportunities like this, and meet the team (AWA and international partners including Giri Menang) - join us at the International Development Stream at Ozwater'24 👉

You can also reach out to Katie Hanniffy (Head of International and Industry Programs).

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