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Association to Association capability building with the Cambodian Water Association

We recently kicked off our Association Capability Building Program with the Cambodian Water Supply Association (CWA), an exciting step in AWA’s Investing in Infrastructure (3i) agreement.  

Following the AWA’s International Team’s member-centric approach, CWA were supported to identify their knowledge and skill gaps and prioritise three core Association capabilities for development. They chose three key learning block areas:

1. membership attraction and retention
2. event management
3. financial management and processes.

Helping CWA improve their knowledge, skills, processes and systems in these areas will improve their ability to become a sustainable Association that offers products and services values by their members.  

To kick off the project, CWA shared their strategic direction and goals, their market value position within the Cambodian water sector, and their needs. Following this, CWA and AWA co-created our first ever Association to Association Capability Build Program.  

The program is centred on the three learning blocks, that will run for two to three weeks each. Each learning block involves detailed knowledge sharing, a Q&A session and an opportunity to CWA to present on how they will apply their knowledge and skills. 

On membership, CWA will work to implement strategies around member attraction, pricing models and member retention. On events, they will work on how to plan, structure and finance successful events, as well as event planning and timelines, committees and sponsorship. Lastly, on finance, CWA will learn important budget processes relevant to association strategy.  

This interactive and cooperative project will run until May 2022 and will be a key highlight of AWA’s International Team for 2022. 

It's an exciting step that further showcases the great achievements we are seeing collaborating with our regional neighbours in the Asia-Pacific.