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Resources > Latest News > Aerofloat to oversee two treatment plants for new sydney fish markets

Aerofloat to oversee two treatment plants for new Sydney Fish Markets

Two new wastewater treatment systems will be installed at the new Sydney Fish Market development at Blackwattle Bay, with the aim of achieving a financially and environmentally sustainable wastewater solution for the popular market. 

Aerofloat Australia will install one treatment plant for wastewater from fish processing, and second treatment plant for trade wastewater at the busy food court venue.

Working with the Multiplex architectural team, Planet Plumbing and Harris Page Consultants, Aerofloat has designed customised wastewater treatment solutions that will fit within the limited space available beneath the Sydney Fish Market entrance stairs.

Aerofloat General Manager Michael Anderson said it was a pleasure to work collaboratively towards a sustainable wastewater treatment solution for the iconic Sydney Fish Markets.

“We are proud to be collaborating on what is a world-class facility committed to water reuse,” he said.

“As a company passionate about providing leading technology that is sustainable and environmentally friendly, working with the Sydney Fish Market is a terrific opportunity.”

Fish processing and trade waste

The first wastewater treatment plant is for various fish processing wastewater streams and will consist of a balance tank, screening, reaction tanks, dissolved air flotation (DAF) and a sludge tank.

The plant will remove suspended solids, fats, oils and grease from the food processing wastewater, with treated effluent running to a biological wastewater treatment plant supplied by Aquacell.

Following treatment, the water will be suitable for reuse at the fish processing department, providing an ecologically and financially sustainable outcome for Sydney Fish Markets.

The second wastewater treatment system will take trade waste from Sydney Fish Market’s busy food court. Wastewater from the food court will flow through a balance tank, followed by screening, a reaction tank and a DAF, to remove fats, oils and grease.

The trade wastewater treatment process will ensure effluent is compliant for sewer discharge.

Installation of the wastewater treatment systems is scheduled to commence in late 2022, with commissioning to commence in 2023.