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Aboriginal cultural tour with a water theme

On 3rd April, 20 people joined in for an Aboriginal culture tour with a water theme, which was a very worthwhile and interesting experience.

Haydyn and Iteka led a guided stroll around the Adelaide Botanic Gardens where attendees learnt about Aboriginal traditional plant uses.

'We got to understand the power of native plants - how they support people and society, learning about food gathering practices, bush medicines, tools and implements. 

'Examples such as the bottle tree, with its vertical stretchmarks, expands and contracts with water volume, and literally can be tapped for water. The ribbon gum is a source of protein-rich witchetty grubs.’ 

'Other plants had multiple uses and a great demonstration of this is the grass tree that we know as yakka, provides food, drink and useful products. If you suck on the stem you get a fluid to quench your thirst plus it’s fibre and other material elements are used for making weapons,'

Haydyn and Iteka run a number of short, half and full day Aboriginal cultural tours in Adelaide. For further information look at their website.